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  1. - Removed crafting recipes from the game. - Added S-Grade Special Abilities to Mantra Manager. - Moved C/B Grade Special Abilities from Mantra Manager to Weapon Shop with Adena. - Magic Skills' land rate now takes Magic Attack/Magic Defense into consideration. - Removed the castle tax from the game. - Disabled random monster spawns to avoid mobs going into the texture. - Changed Vesper Shooter's stats: Lower P. Atk and Range, +30% Attack Speed and Critical Rate.
  2. - Reset Rebirth skills now costs 10 Event Medals. - Disabled ON/OFF experience gain feature. - Implemented Delevel Manager Jeadin. - Updated the rules of calculating points at the Olympiad Manager. - Fixed receiving another Hero weapon while you already have one. - Fixed Hero's Cloak pDef/mDef bug. - Fixed a minor bug with the Daily Missions.
  3. - Enabled falling damage. - Disabled raid boss/giant per-kill clan reputation. - Implemented Clan Rep Box - dropable at giants/raid bosses. Higher chance for Lilith/Anakim and 100% for grand bosses. - Added starting buffs at character creation. - Improved the click delays when you click too fast on NPC's dialog, Community Board, etc. - Fixed clan sometimes not updating when member privileges change. - Fixed a minor bug for class change unequip. - Fixed to finish attack action and then cast skills. - Fixed skills not been casted in instances. - Fixed inability to dispel some s
  4. A recap with the changes made at the end of Season 2 in May: - Big Geodata and movement improvements. - Fixed players from attacking before the Olympiad countdown ends. - Fixed follow/attack path for both players and pets. - Fixed getting stuck while hitting from a balcony while the target was running away. - Implemented Vote Manager Groot. - Implemented Event Engine. - Added PvP Rune as reward for any PvP. - Added "Find PvP" option at the Gatekeeper Belladonna. - Increased max buffs count from 15 to 16. - Added Gift of Seraphim, Bless of Queen, Gift of Queen, Siren and Cha
  5. Community, A new season will be announced after the summer. The server will stay offline until then. Thank you.
  6. Elven Ruins - Belladonna: Now you teleport straight inside. - Removed the gatekeeper which was teleporting you outside. Kamaloka 78/83 - Reduced instance time to 20 minutes. - Moved the blessed enchant scrolls drop from the first room to the final boss.
  7. - Enchant: Max Weapon +20. - Increased the required number of participants for the olympiad games from 5 to 10. Classic default. - Restricted Rebirth Health & Rebirth Mana inside the olympiad. - Restricted from using any prophecy type inside the olympiad. The prophecies will be available at the Oly Npc Buffer for that class. - Restored prophecies' mp consume back to retail. - Enabled back the Heavy/Light mastery bonuses as per the description. - Slightly decreased all classes' Evasion. - Slightly decreased Punch of Doom's power. - Increased Triple Sonic Slash's power. - D
  8. - Only one arena for the Olympiad. - Hero Weapons +13. - Unlocked Refining up to Apella 100%. - Added Vesper to Refining. - Increased grand bosses' chance for L2G weapons from 20 to 30%. Elven Ruins - You no longer see enemey's pet title. - You no longer need to use CTRL for clan/ally members. Kamaloka 78/83: - Party is required. Npc Mathias is spawned in Aden Town. - First Room: 78: Blessed Enchant 20% chance per mob. / 83: Blessed Enchant 40% chance per mob. - Second Room: Normal giant drop per mob on both instances. - Miniboss: Special giant drop on both instances.
  9. - Increased the required number of participants for the olympiad games from 3 to 5. - Decreased Aggression Aura's reuse delay. - Reworked Aggression Aura & Provoke: No longer locks a target. Target chance: 60%. Aggro chance: 30%. - Set Elven Ruins as a Death Match zone. You can't see players' race, name and title. All weapons look like +16 and you can't party/trade anyone. - You get a PvP Rune item for each PvP kill while in Elven Ruins. PvP Runes are not tradeable and they'll be needed for Vesper.
  10. - Corrected Heroes' 3-day grand boss jewelry's description. Increased the price for Valakas, Queen Ant and Baium. - Implemented Apella 75% (7-Days). - Implemented Vesper Armors. - Removed Baium's door. - Implemented Kamaloka. - Restored macros back to default. - Updated grand bosses' time: https://www.lineage2.gold/wiki-general - Scheduled Squash event: https://www.lineage2.gold/wiki-general - Decreased subclass raid bosses' respawn time from 24 to 12 hours: https://www.lineage2.gold/wiki-general
  11. Hi Community, Apella 100% will be available for refining after Monday. The mats for Apella 100% will remain the same. Once Apella 100% is available - we'll announce Vesper. Vesper mats will be drop-able in Kamaloka only and you'll also need PvP Runes. More info about Vesper and its required items next week. Once Vesper Armors are available - we'll implement Vesper Jewels, Sigil, Shield and Weapons (upgradeable from the current top items). Vesper Jewels, Sigil, Shield and Weapons will have a different system of farming - perhaps thru PvP only. Cheers!
  12. - Increased Blessed Enchant scrolls' chance from 2% to 3% for Vampire Warrior (Elven Ruins). - Increased Enria's chance from 4 to 6% for Vampire Warlord (Elven Ruins). - Removed CC raid loot privilege. - Fixed summon's attack/stop bug.
  13. - Hero Weapons +12 available at the NPC. - Heroes' 3-day grand boss jewelry are enchantable. - Decreased P. Evasion on all classes by 2. - Increased Shield of Reflect's skill reflection by 5%. - Increased Blessed Enchant scrolls' chance from 1.5 to 2% for Vampire Warrior (Elven Ruins). - Unlocked refining for Apella 75%. - Edited Zaken's map inside the ship to remove the boxes between the rooms && to extend the bridge. Full check the updater! - Movement/GeoEngine rework part one. - Slightly increased Destroyer's PvP damage with sword.
  14. - Changed Olympiad competition period to take place from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. (1 hour). - Fixed Resurrection should not work at all during a siege. - Fixed the skills that are supposed to work on ally members during a siege. - Fixed an issue loading some of the chatbans/bans/jails on server start/restart. If there are some jails/bans that were removed in the meantime and you're still banned/jailed, please contact us. LOL
  15. Trance

    Goodbye clowns

    You can't even challenge a person. Those repeated premature arguments make me puke. You will grow up one day and remember how dumb you were. Grab a beer for me when that happens.
  16. Trance

    Goodbye clowns

    When will this YTP guy stop embarrassing himself.
  17. - Increased Rabbit Spirit Totem's base reuse delay from 30 to 40 seconds. - Increased Bison Spirit Totem's base reuse delay from 2.5 to 3.5 minutes. - Decreased Tyrant's phyiscal skill power by 20%. - Decreased Destroyer's physical skill power by 30%. - Decreased Crush of Doom's power. - Slightly increased Shield Stun's chance. - Slightly increased Shield Slam's chance. - Increased Blessed Enchant scrolls' chance from 1 to 1.5% for Vampire Warrior (Elven Ruins). - Increased Enria's chance from 3 to 4% for Vampire Warlord (Elven Ruins).
  18. It's all changed. All grand bosses will also be according to the new time once they all die at least once.
  19. - Added the missing debuff resistance to Prophecies. - Refreshed all skills that were in reuse. - Reverted: Fixed falling under the map when you jump off a cliff. It should happen more rarely.
  20. - Scheduled CTF every day at 18:30 & 21:30. - Scheduled Giran Siege for Saturday at 21:00. - Gatekeeper Belladonna: Added TOI 11 to Gatekeeper > Other - Gatekeeper Belladonna: Added The Ant Nest to Gatekeeper > Other - Elven Ruins: Increased the chance for Enria at Vampire Warlord. - Elven Ruins: Added Blessed Enchant scrolls at Vampire Warrior. - Elven Ruins: Disabled greater healing skills. - Olympiad Buffer: Duplicated the Olympiad Host for testing purposes and spawned it in Coliseum, Giran and Gludin arena. - Fixed the pk bug in arenas. - Decreased Lightning Str
  21. - Petitions will be automatically activated in the game when at least one Admin/GM is online. Type /gm to create a petition. - Increased mobs' take-away range. - Decreased Demoon Splinter w/ critical stun's duration from 9 to 2 seconds. - Decreased Demon Wind's debuff time from 2 mins to 15 seconds. - Fixed the PK bug with summoners. - Enabled PvP points inside the event. - Corrected Grand Bosses' time, since they were killed before the daylight saving time.
  22. Trance

    Goodbye clowns

    I can sponsor you for a therapist.
  23. - Removed the Holy Attack from the Hero weapons. - Temporarily removed Infinity Spear's SA. - Increased Infinity Scepter's SA chance from 3% to 10%. - Implemented Squash event. - Improved rb/mobs' movement.
  24. Trance

    Goodbye clowns

    You have to excuse YTP, this is the case with people who enter puberty at a much older age than others. I'm wondering you were actually abused. Go seek for help instead of unleashing your frustration on a game.
  25. Trance

    Goodbye clowns

    You got the YTP syndrome.
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