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    • - Spawned Mini Events (beta) npc in Aden Town. - Added the Main Events (beta) every 30 minutes - random events type, random maps.
    • - Highly increased the chance for L2Gold items at Raid Bosses.
    • - Prevent players from attacking before the Olympiad countdown ends. - Disabled support classes' mastery bonuses. - Changed Queen Ant (3-Day)'s grade form B to S. - Decreased the required number of participants for the olympiad games from 10 to 5. - Fixed the Windows Update KB5001330 which was causing log in issues. Full checking your updater is mandatory in order to be able to log in.
    • Elven Ruins - Belladonna: Now you teleport straight inside. - Removed the gatekeeper which was teleporting you outside. Kamaloka 78/83 - Reduced instance time to 20 minutes. - Moved the blessed enchant scrolls drop from the first room to the final boss.
    • Just reconsider to increase the amount of buffs!!!Fighters have a big problem with the number of buffs.I created Titan and i must take guidance and inspiration because mobs always evade at the same level.But if i do that then i debuff myself with my own buffs.Doesn't make any sense.First things fisrt.Personally i don't mind to use multiple boxes for buffs.
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