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    • Farm/Drops rework part 1: - Changed S-Grade special ability price to:   * 300 Water Mantra   * 300 Wind Mantra   * 250 Fire Mantra   * 6 Enria   * 5kk Adena - Removed all boring mats and some items from the game and we only kept 3 of them, except the mantras. - Mats we keep:   * Stem   * Silver Nugget   * Enria - Items/Mats we removed:   * Craftsman Mold   * Artisan's Frame   * Steel Mold   * Braided Hemp   * Varnish of Purity   * Coarse Bone Powder   * Mold Hardener   * Animal Bone   * Varnish   * Adamantite Nugget   * Iron Ore   * Coal   * Stone of Purity   * Oriharukon Ore   * Charcoal   * Mithril Ore   * Thons
    • - BETA ONLY: Olympiad set to min 2 participants, 23h a day and all 4 arenas are enabled. - Enabled Auto-Potions at login. Can still be disabled by typing ".apoff". - Enabled Auto-Shots on client's UI. - Now all clan skills do not require special ranks. - Updated Kamaloka Manager Mathias. - Changed the MAIN TOWN to the new Talking Island village from Epic Tale of Aden: Grand Crusade. * Talking Island village is devided in 2 areas, each area has all NPCs and respawn points (to village, soe, etc.), the store-area is in the middle. - Changed new char spawn location from Ivory Tower to Talking Island village. - Gatekeeper rework part 1: * Removed the following zones: Rock Hill / Swampland, Orc Barr. / Windy Hills, Lizardmen Plains, Forest of Mirrors, Elven Ruins, Forge of the Gods and Hardins Private Academy. * Merged Low Level and High Level into one as Farm Zones. * Moved Ketra Orc Outpost and Varka Silenos Outpost to Other. * Added Forge of the Gods 4 to Other. * Added Antharas Lair 3 to Other. * Created Premium: Bandit Stronghold, Heart of Warding and Heart of Vulcano.
    • - Disabled raid boss/giant per-kill clan reputation. - Implemented Clan Rep Box - dropable at giants/raid bosses. Higher chance for Lilith/Anakim and 100% for grand bosses. - Added starting buffs at character creation. - Improved the click delays when you click too fast on NPC's dialog, Community Board, etc. - Fixed clan sometimes not updating when member privileges change. - Fixed a minor bug for class change unequip. - Fixed to finish attack action and then cast skills. - Fixed skills not been casted in instances. - Fixed inability to dispel some skills. - Fixed Archer NPCs not moving while attacking. - Removed queued skill upon move request. - Reset Rebirth skills now costs 5 Event Medals. - Disabled ON/OFF experience gain feature. - Updated the rules of calculating points at the Olympiad Manager. - Fixed receiving another Hero weapon while you already have one. - Fixed Hero's Cloak pDef/mDef bug. - Fixed a minor bug with the Daily Missions. - Removed crafting recipes from the game. - Added S-Grade Special Abilities to Mantra Manager. - Moved C/B Grade Special Abilities from Mantra Manager to Weapon Shop with Adena. - Magic Skills' land rate now takes Magic Attack/Magic Defense into consideration. - Removed the castle tax from the game. - Disabled random monster spawns to avoid mobs going into the texture. - Changed Vesper Shooter's stats: Lower P. Atk and Range, +30% Attack Speed and Critical Rate.
    • A recap with the changes made at the end of Season 2 in May: - Big Geodata and movement improvements. - Fixed players from attacking before the Olympiad countdown ends. - Fixed follow/attack path for both players and pets. - Fixed getting stuck while hitting from a balcony while the target was running away. - Implemented Vote Manager Groot. - Implemented Event Engine. - Added PvP Rune as reward for any PvP. - Added "Find PvP" option at the Gatekeeper Belladonna. - Increased max buffs count from 15 to 16. - Added Gift of Seraphim, Bless of Queen, Gift of Queen, Siren and Champion to the Buffer. - Premium system changes:   * Excludes the Squash event. - Removed the Death Match zone from Elven Ruins. - Set Elven Ruins as Flag/No Heal zone. - Disabled support classes' mastery bonuses. - Changed the maximum number of clans in alliance from 2 to 1. - Disabled the clan Royal Guards from the NPC.
    • Community, A new season will be announced after the summer. The server will stay offline until then. Thank you.
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