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    • Elven Ruins - Belladonna: Now you teleport straight inside. - Removed the gatekeeper which was teleporting you outside.
    • Just reconsider to increase the amount of buffs!!!Fighters have a big problem with the number of buffs.I created Titan and i must take guidance and inspiration because mobs always evade at the same level.But if i do that then i debuff myself with my own buffs.Doesn't make any sense.First things fisrt.Personally i don't mind to use multiple boxes for buffs.
    • - Enchant: Max Weapon +20. - Increased the required number of participants for the olympiad games from 5 to 10. Classic default. - Restricted Rebirth Health & Rebirth Mana inside the olympiad. - Restricted from using any prophecy type inside the olympiad. The prophecies will be available at the Oly Npc Buffer for that class. - Restored prophecies' mp consume back to retail. - Enabled back the Heavy/Light mastery bonuses as per the description. - Slightly decreased all classes' Evasion. - Slightly decreased Punch of Doom's power. - Increased Triple Sonic Slash's power. - Decreased Raging Force's mp consume from 50 to 25. - Decreased Sonic Rage's mp consume from 50 to 25. - Possible fix for oly name/buffs in the olympiad. - Boosted Mathias, you won't dare hitting him again. - Added the following skills to Shillien Saint: Might of Heaven lv19 Shield lv4 Might lv4 Wind Walk lv3 Guidance lv4 Berserker Spirit lv3 Haste lv3 Death Whisper lv4 Focus lv4 Acumen lv4 Magic Barrier lv3 Magic Barrier lv3 Mental Shield lv5 Concentration lv7 Bless Shield lv7 Blessed Body lv7 Blessed Soul lv7
    • - Only one arena for the Olympiad. - Hero Weapons +13. - Unlocked Refining up to Apella 100%. - Added Vesper to Refining. - Increased grand bosses' chance for L2G weapons from 20 to 30%. Elven Ruins - You no longer see enemey's pet title. - You no longer need to use CTRL for clan/ally members. Kamaloka 78/83: - Party is required. Npc Mathias is spawned in Aden Town. - First Room: 78: Blessed Enchant 20% chance per mob. / 83: Blessed Enchant 40% chance per mob. - Second Room: Normal giant drop per mob on both instances. - Miniboss: Special giant drop on both instances. - Boss: 78: x4 Special giant drop. / 83: Vesper Pieces (not tradeable).
    • Hello! I wanna report a problem about private store (BUY) and it happens twice. I put a ring on to buy TT +8 50% . Next day that i had bought is TT+0 . I lose the money for TT+0 50% and i try again and the same again TT+0.
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