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    • Community, A new season will be announced after the summer. The server will stay offline until then. Thank you.
    • - Corrected server host time. - Geodata and movement improvements. - Fixed follow/attack path for both players and pets. - Fixed getting stuck while hitting from a balcony while the target was running away. - Enabled back the keyboard movement. - Implemented Vote Manager Groot.
    • - Revamped the Refining page from the Mantra Manager. - Added Vesper Weapons to Refininig for testing purposes; they should be identical on stats - at least for now. - Olympiad zone changed back to Ancient City Arcan. - Adjusted Raid Bosses' drop for July 2nd.
    • - Added PvP Rune as reward for any PvP. - Added "Find PvP" option at the Gatekeeper Belladonna. - Updated Event Shop Dianne. - Set Elven Ruins as Flag/No Heal zone. - Fixed Core teleport from the Gatekeeper. - Premium system changes:   * +100% Drop Rate Bonus (x2) for non-premium/premium players. The server is now x2 at drops.   * Excludes the Squash event.
    • - Fixed several bugs inside the events. - Removed the Death Match zone from Elven Ruins. - Changed the maximum number of clans in alliance from 2 to 1. - Disabled the clan Royal Guards from the NPC. - Increased max buffs count from 15 to 16. - Premium System changes:   * Removed the second level. There's only one premium level now.   * Removed the drop/spoil multipler.   * Increased Inventory slots from 150 to 200.   * Increased the PvE Damage from 5 to 10%.
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