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September 13, 2020
- You can no longer debuff a clan/ally member in pvp arena zone.
- You can no longer use any type of buff or heal on a mob or raid boss.
- Prayer skill no longer occupies buff slots. Reminder: Nor Greater Group Heal, Noblesse Blessing, Pa'agrio's Heart, Chant of Life.
- When player goes 'to village', the pet follows him right after.
- Added ".xpon" and ".xpoff" voiced commands.
- Added a message informing the players that dyes are disabled while they're trying to add/remove dyes.
- Reduced mobs' take-away range.
- Reduced flag time.
- Removed Backstab's double critical chance. This doesn't affect the skill damage.
- Removed the Loot Request when you add a member to the party.
- Removed Synergy System. There was a chance for support classes to get PvP points from party members.
- Increased the chance for Iron Ore, Stem, Mold Hardener and Enria (all mobs that drop them).
- Increased the exp/sp and drop benefits for Premium.
- Attendance Reward is available now since Premium Level 1.
- Extended the respawn area in Giran Town.

September 14, 2020
- Decreased Premium per-level price by 50%.
- Added Summoning Crystal to Misc. Shop (Crystal & Gamestones).
- Extended TvT's participants number.
- Fixed Vortex's attributes.
- Removed Lethal Blow's double critical chance.
- Slightly increased the blow rate on skills for all dagger classes. 
- Increased the drop chance for SA weapons on raid bosses.
- Increased the drop chance for blessed scrolls on raid bosses - 100%.
- Slightly nerfed Giants' HP.
-Increased Giants' drop rate for Enria at SWEEP.
- Nerfed TOI's mobs HP. Stun was removed.
- Added Synergy System back. The following classes have a chance of getting a PvP point while in party: Arcana Lord, Cardinal, Hierophant, Elemental Master, Eva Saint, Spectral Master, Shillien Saint, Dominator and Doomcryer.
- Fixed Dark Crystal Robe's attributes, it was giving -2 INT instead of -2 MEN.
- Decreased enchant rate chance.

September 15, 2020
- Temporarily removed Raid Bombs from Event Shop.
- Removed archer's skills critical chance (it will no longer do crits).
- Doubled the amount of Mantras and SN at Giants for both normal drops and spoil.
- Enabled the Shields drop on raid bosses.
- Mage weapons have a slightly lower enchant chance comparing to fighter weapons after +6.

September 16, 2020

We have the following schedule set (GMT+3):
TvT = DAILY 16:30 18:30 20:30
Core = MONDAY 21:30
Queen Ant = MONDAY 23:00
High Rate = TUESDAY 21:30
Orfen = WEDNESDAY 21:30
Baium = WEDNESDAY 23:00
High Rate = THURSDAY 21:30
Zaken = THURSDAY 23:00
Antharas = FRIDAY 21:30
Valakas = FRIDAY 23:00
Giran Castle Siege = SATURDAY 21:00
- TvT: Fixed event crash caused by registration spam.
- TvT: 50% chance to get REC +1 at PvP. Reminder: Hunter Village is the same.
- TvT: You can use POW/POF/COV from the Npc Bufffer while in TvT. You get them debuffed at the end.
- TvT: You can no longer use heal skills inside the event. You can still use Balance Life and Body of Avatar though.
- Giants: Increased the drop chance for Fire Mantra and Silver Nugget.

September 17, 2020
- Added Elven Fortress 2 to the Gatekeeper.
- Temporarily added 'Zaken Area' as teleport option to Belladonna (Other).

September 18, 2020
- Client: Moved Noblesse Blessing to debuffs to be easier for party members.
- Client: Spoil being activated is highlighted in a different color.
- Made several corrections on the geodata in Devil Isle.
- Fixed the grand boss timings to follow the schedule.
- Changed some Z coords calculations to avoid falling under texture. Please give feedback.
- Replaced the Arena zones with Flag zones. Please give feedback.
- Implemented individual Vote Manager Groot. Event Shop Dianne will be updated tonight with the Vote Medals.
- Increased the enchant rate for all weapons. We've checked most of the enchant logs on the server and realized it was too low.
- Increased Thrill Fight's buff time from 30 to 1 minute.
- Increased Warlord's damage with pole.
- Increased Warlord's P.Atk. with pole.
- Increased Dagger's skills power by 10%. It's actually a nerf revert.
- Balanced Archers' P.Atk.
- Removed the Sowrd/Blunt Mastery's triggered buff.
- Increased Bounty Hunter & Warsmith's damage and decreased the power on skills.
- Giants: Increased the drop chance for Stem and Enria.
- Vampire Warlord: increased the drop chance for Enria.
- High Rate event: Increased the experience amount.
- High Rate event: Increased the drop chance for SN and Enria.
- High Rate event: Increased the drop amount for SN.
- TvT event: Now you can heal from the Npc Buffer while in combat.

September 19, 2020
- Reverted some Z coords calculations from the previous update.
- Reworked some conditions for the Flag zone.
- Fixed the vote counter for Vote Manager Groot.
- Redesigned Event Shop Dianne.
- Enabled Raid Bomb items back. They will no longer affect the Raid Status.
- Added EXP Box. Cannot be traded. Check Event Shop Dianne.
- TvT event: Extended the inactivity period.

September 22, 2020
- Added Premium teleports to Belladonna (Other).
- Added Physical Damage Reflect to Shield of Reflect.
- Added Pole Resistance to Elven Ruins' mobs.
- Balanced all fighters' Attack Speed to be more c6 like.
- Increased Warlord's Attack Speed by 10% after the Attack Speed balance.
- Increased armor enchant rate by 5% from +6 to +8.
- Nerfed Eye of Hunter and Eye of Slayer.
- Fixed Vengeance skill.
- Highly increased Frenzy's P.Atk. bonus.
- TvT event: Can no longer use party recalls.
- TvT event: Can no longer attack or debuff your team.

September 23, 2020
- Reverted Warlord's base Attack Speed boost (10%) from the previous update.
- Boosted Thrill Fight by 15%. Now it increases Attack Speed by 25%.
- Boosted Frenzy once again.
- Lowered the casting time for the following scrolls
   * Scroll: Might
   * Scroll: Mystic Empower
- Increased Mages' damage in PvP.
- Decreased SA: Critical Slow's debuff duration.
- Warcryer can use Bow now
   * Added additional bow range to Soul Cry.
   * Added Archery passive.
   * Slightly Increased Attack Speed.
- Reworked Dagger classes' damage.
- Increased Backstab's chance.
- Increased Dusk Shield's deflect arrow effect.
- Increased Bishop's resistance to bow and dagger by 10%.
- Increased the Enchant Rate for all weapons by 5%.
- Grand bosses time swap: Queen Ant with Core; Baium with Orfen. This will be applied next day not to confuse people who have already planned for night.
- TvT event: Added reward for losers.
- TvT event: Fully healed at respawn.
High level zones rework PART 1:
- Removed Elven Ruins.
- Removed the mats from the following zones (only mantras were left)
   * Ketra Orc Outpost
   * Varka Silenos Outpost
   * Forge of the Gods
- Mats from Elven Ruins, Ketra Orc Outpost, Varka Silenos Outpost and Forge of the Gods are now drop-able in Imperial Tomb.
- Added Imperial Tomb 5 to Belladonna. Imperial Tomb 5 is a Flag zone.
- Moved Death Porphet to IT 2, Gariott Pudge & and Eilhalder von Hellmann to IT 5.
Notice:  More changes will follow regarding Imperial Tomb and farm zones in general.

September 24, 2020
- Reverted Bishop's resistance to bow and dagger by 10%.
Zones rework PART 2:
- Increased the drop chance overall in Imperial Tomb.
- Added 4 Superior Giants in IT 5 (Flag zone).
These giants have double the amount of drops comparing them to the regular ones; the chance was slightly increased as well. There's no spoil drop.

September 28, 2020
- Removed the speed penalty for Prophecies.
- Decreased Prophecies' reuse delay.
- Decreased Noblesse Blessing's reuse delay.
- Reworked daggers' skills.
- Increased the drop chance for Enria on Superior Giants.
- Removed Recipe drops from Imperial Tomb.
- Added Elven Ruins' mobs to Elven Fortress. Elven Fortress' mobs remain untouched.
- High Rate event: Adjusted the drop chance on some mats.

September 29, 2020

- Fixed Fire/Water/Wind Resistance and Elemental Resistance.
- Decreased Curse Gloom's range from 1100 to 900.
- Decreased Fear's land rate a bit.
- Increased the reuse delay for all summoners.
- Changed Support Medals to be trade-able.
- Castle siege: Removed classic feature: The attackers can't attack each other.
- Castle siege: Can no longer debuff clan members.

October 1, 2020
- Added Agathions to Event Shop Dianne (Vote Medals).
* Cow Pack (7-day)
* Griffin Pack (7-day)
* Zaken's Spirit Swords Pack (7-day)
* Baby Panda Pack - Big Head (7-day)
* Bamboo Panda Pack - Blessed Resurrection (7-day)
* Sexy Panda Pack - Blessed Escape (7-day)
Note: We'll add more things for Vote Medals soon.

October 2, 2020
- Fixed all timing issues for events and daily reset tasks (daily reward, world chat, etc).
- We have changed the following features for Castle sieges: If Life Control Towers are intact, the time is 30 seconds, if they are destroyed, it's 8 minutes. The attackers can attack each other. Classic castle siege information: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Castle_Sieges

October 4, 2020
- Olympiad scheduling has been changed: https://www.lineage2.gold/index.php?/topic/210-olympiad-info/
- TvT event: Scheduled every 2 hours.
- Refining: Unlocked up to Apella 75%. You also need 1 Event Medal for each piece of Apella.
- ClanHallAuction: Enabled and it's using Support Medals instead of Adena. Everything else remains the same.
- Fixed a bug when a melee/summoned pet could attack from far away while following.
- Elven Fortress: Increased the drop chance for mats on mobs and for enria on giants.

October 7, 2020
- Fixed Olympiad scheduling.
- Extended Olympiad Competition Period with 10 minutes.
- Changed Olympiad Battle Period from 5 to 4 minutes.
- Added Empower to the Olympiad buffer.
- Fixed buffs level typo for the Olympiad buffer.
- Added a second global announcement when Olympiad Games are taking place.
^ Olympiad Info: https://www.lineage2.gold/index.php?/topic/210-olympiad-info/
- Enter-character: Opens Community Board.
- Fixed Community Board -> Raid Status' marker to open the Map before adding the marker.
- Removed the crown raid bosses from Raid Bombs.
- Changed Brothers Bound in Chains (PK quest) to randomly remove 5 or 10 PKs.
- Changed Doll Knife*Doll Knife's weapon type from Dual to Dual Dagger. It can now be used with dagger skills. Increased its base Critical Rate and Attack Speed.
- Changed Sonic Rage's MP consume back to default as per skill description.
- Increased Prophecies' MP consume from 72 to 122.
- Decreased Dryad Root's debuff time from 30 to 10 seconds.
- Added Angelic Icon lv 1 to Paladin. Currently 30 seconds.
- Added back 30% skill power to the Archer classes.
- Removed Focus Skill Mastery's critical skill chance bonus (it wasn't c4 like). Corrected skill description.
- TvT event: Restricted the following skills: Prophecy of Water/Fire/Wind, Chant of Victory, Balance Life, Body of Avatar, Resurrection, and Mass Resurrection. Greater Battle Heal and Greater Group Heal were already restricted.
- TOI: Increased the drop chance for SN and mantras.

October 12, 2020
- Aden Castle Town is now the main town!
- Swapped the siege between Giran and Aden castle!
- Removed the castle-town NPC crest feature.
- Changed Olympiad's competition period to be from 19:00 to 21:00.
- Changed EXP Box item to be tradeable.
- PK Quest: Changed Agathion's Seal - Sin Eater's condition to be able to be used on sub classes as well.
- Fixed using summon stop and attack actions increasing attack speed.
- Reworked the voiced commands .expon/expoff.
- Enabled the voiced commands .opendoors/closedoors for castles' lords.
- Increased Hero weapons' PAtk/MAtk.
- Slightly increased L2Gold Weapons' PAtk/MAtk passively.
- Increased Angelic Icon's buff time back to 1 minute.
- Renamed Elemental Resistance to Elemental Protection.
- Renamed Holy Attack Resistance to Divine Protection.
- Changed max buffs count from 17 to 16.
- Changed Water Resistance, Fire Resistance and Wind Resistance to be self buffs.
- Implemented Community Board - Drop Info.
- Slightly increased enchant chance for weapons.
- Reduced Heroic Valor's buff time from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.

October 14, 2020
- Changed /time to be more clear what's the difference between the 2 times.
- Fixed a bug which was causing the PvE points to get wiped.
- Increased Heroic Berserker's physical/magical attack speed from 100 to 200 and run speed from 20 to 30.
- Removed Heroic Valor's magical attack/defense (it was custom). Note: Skill description will be changed once we release the next updater release.
- Removed Heroic Grandeur.
- Removed Heroic Dread.
- Reduced max buff count from 16 to 15.
- Changed resist buffs and dances' stats to be more c4/c6 like.
- Changed the prophecies to be more c4/c6 like.
* Removed Prophecy of Fire's magical defense.
* Removed Prophecy of Wind's physical/magical defense. Note: HP isn't c4/c6 like, but it was untouched.
* Removed Prophecy of Water's physical defense. Note: HP isn't c4/c6 like, but it was untouched.
- TvT event: Registration NPC was moved to Aden.
- TvT event: Added Tie reward.
- High Rate event: Gatekeeper NPCs were moved to Aden.

October 16, 2020
- Replaced all IP conditions with hardware ID - TvT, Olympiad and Vote Manager.

October 17, 2020
- Decreased fighters' skill power (only) for criticals. Gladiator and Dagger classes are excluded.
- Decreased Empower Lv 1's magical attack.
- Fixed Vampiric Cubic's damage issue.
- Fixed Special Ability: Critical Bleed/Poison.
- Squash event: Can no longer use pole.
- Squash event: Extended mobs' spawn area.
- TvT event: Can no longer use Greater Heal. Battle Heal is still use-able.

November 26, 2020
- We've made some tweaks and improvements under the hood. Server was restarted.

December 8, 2020
- Added on-screen enchant rate before/after confirming the enchant on the item.
- Reworked Hero weapons' stats. All hero weapons have L2Gold weapons' stats and Max CP, HP and MP +15%.
- Reworked the melee damage. Increased the melee damage for melee classes and their primary/secondary weapon-type.
- Revamped the design of the Event Shop. Added Hax section: 3 L2Gold weapons of any kind = 1 L2Gold weapon of your choice. Less use-able S-Grade Weapons can also be haxed.

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- Changed the Olympiad zone from Heine to Ancient City Arcan.
- Changed maximum player level - was increased from 78 to 80.
- Updated Vote Manager.
- Implemented Daily Missions.
- Added all c5 and c6 skills.


Critical Blow - Treasure Hunter - 55lvl 
Might Mortal - Plains Walker, Abyss Walker - 58lvl 
Stealth - Treasure Hunter - 58lvl 
Sand Bomb - Treasure Hunter, Plains Walker, Abyss Walker - 55lvl 
Rapid Fire - Silver Ranger - 60lvl
Dead Eye - Phantom Ranger - 60lvl
Spirit of Sagittarius - Hawkeye, Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger - 58lvl
Blessing of Sagittarius - Hawkeye, Silver Ranger - 58lvl
Pain of Sagittarius - Hawkeye, Phantom Ranger - 58lvl
Quiver of Holding - Hawkeye - 58lvl
Summon Treasure Key - Treasure Hunter, Plains Walker, Abyss Walker - 46lvl
Zealot - Destroyer, Tyrant - 58lvl
Wide Attack - Warlord, Destroyer - 58lvl
Polearm Accuracy - Warlord, Destroyer, Bounty Hunter, Warsmith - 58lvl
Inferno Body - Destroyer, Tyrant - 58lvl
War Frenzy - Gladiator, Warlord, Destroyer, Tyrant, Bounty Hunter, Warsmith - 58lvl
Totem Spirit Hawk - Tyrant - 74lvl
Betray - Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner - 56lvl
Mass Curse Fear - Necromancer - 58lvl
Mass Curse Gloom - Necromancer - 58lvl
Mass Surrender to Fire - Warlock - 58lvl
Mass Surrender to Water - Elemental Summoner - 58lvl
Arcane Distruption - Warlock - 56lvl
Summon Cursed Bone - Necromancer - 58lvl
Greater Might - Prophet - 58lvl 
Greater Shield - Prophet - 58lvl
Chant of War - Warcryer - 58lvl
Chant of Earth - Warcryer - 58lvl
Resist Holy - Shilien Elder - 58lvl
Resist Unholy - Elder, Bishop - 58lvl
Trance - Elder, Bishop - 56lvl
Magical Backfire - Bishop - 56lvl
Clarity - Elder - 58lvl
Mana Burn - Bishop, Prophet, Elder, Shilien Elder - 56lvl
Mana Storm - Bishop - 58lvl
Turn Undead - Bishop, Elder - 56lvl
Major Heal - Bishop, Elder - 56lvl
Major Group Heal - Bishop - 58lvl
Tribunal - Temple Knights - 55lvl
Arrest - Temple Knights - 55lvl
Tribunal - Paladin - 55lvl
Shackle - Paladin - 55lvl
Mass Shackle - Paladin - 58lvl
Banish Undead - Paladin - 55lvl
Angelic Icon - Paladin - 58lvl
Judgement - Dark Avenger - 55lvl 
Shackle - Dark Avenger - 55lvl
Judgement - Shillien Knight - 55lvl
Arrest - Shillien Knight - 55lvl
Arrest - Blade Dancer - 55lvl
Demon Blade Dance - Blade Dancer - 55lvl
Arrest - Sword Singer - 55lvl
Psycho Symphony - Sword Singer - 55lvl
Banish Seraph (55): Dark Avenger, Shillien Knight
Shock Stomp (55): Warlord
Invocation (56): Bishop, Elven Elder, Shillien Elder
Aura Flash (58): Sorcerer, Spellsinger, Spellhowler
Escape Shackle (60): Treasure Hunter, Plainswalker, Abyss Walker
Sonic Move (62): Gladiator
Summon Attractive Cubic (62): Temple Knight
Celestial Shield (64): Bishop
Break Duress (66): Tyrant
Summon Swoop Cannon (68): Warsmith
Battle Force (77): All Warrior classes
Spell Force (77): All Wizard classes
Braveheart (78): Dreadnought, Duelist, Titan, Fortune Seeker, Maestro
Force Meditation (78): Grand Khavatari
Pa'agrio's Emblem (78): Dominator
Gate Chant (78): Doomcryer
Inner Rhythm (78): Sword Muse, Spectral Dancer
Knighthood (78): Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Eva's Templar, Shillien Templar
Master of Combat (78): Dreadnought, Titan, Grand Khavatari, Fortune Seeker, Maestro, Duelist
Archery (78): Sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel
Assassination (78): Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter
Arcane Roar (78): Archmage, Mystic Muse, Storm Screamer
Necromancy (78): Soultaker
Summon Roar (78): Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master
Divine Roar (78): Cardinal, Hierophant, Eva's Saint, Shillien Saint, Dominator, Doomcryer
Song of Silence (79): Sword Muse
Soul of the Phoenix (79): Phoenix Knight
Shield of Revenge (79): Hell Knight
Sonic Barrier (79): Duelist
Force Barrier (79): Grand Khavatari
Mirage (79): Adventurer
Dodge (79): Wind Rider
Counter Attack (79): Ghost Hunter
Summon Feline King (79): Arcana Lord
Summon Magnus the Unicorn (79): Elemental Master
Summon Spectral Knight (79): Spectral Master
Cleanse (78): Cardinal
Salvation (79): Cardinal
Mystic Immunity (79): Hierophant
Spell Turning (79): Hierophant
Magnus Chant (79): Doomcryer
Victories of Pa’agrio (79): Dominator
Pa'agrio’s Fist (79): Dominator
Symbol of Defense (80): Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Eva's Templar, Shillien Templar
Symbol of Noise (80): Sword Muse, Spectral Dancer
Symbol of Resistance (80): Titan, Fortune Seeker
Symbol of the Fist (80): Dreadnought, Maestro
Symbol of Energy (80): Duelist, Grand Khavatari
Symbol of the Sniper (80): Sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel
Symbol of the Assassin (80): Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter
Volcano (80): Archmage
Cyclone (80): Storm Screamer
Raging Waves (80): Mystic Muse
Gehenna (80): Soultaker
Day of Doom (80): Soultaker
Anti-Summoning Field (80): Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master
Purification Field (80): Cardinal
Miracle (80): Cardinal


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- Fixed /unstuck animation.
- Added Sweeper Festival skill - mass Sweeper.
- Decreased Zealot's buff time from 60 to 30 seconds.
- Decreased Mirage's buff time from 60 to 30 seconds.
- Increased Dodge's buff time from 5 to 10 seconds.
- Increased Counterattack's buff time from 5 to 10 seconds.
- Changed the following skills' reuse time to be static and to be ready a bit under 5 minutes - similar to Chant of Victory
  * Chant of Magnus
  * Victories of Pa'agrio
  * Pa'agrio's Emblem
  * Pa'agrio's Fist
- Changed Pa'agrio's Fist's stats: For 5 minutes, restores and increases clan members' Max CP by 15%.

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- Removed Blessed Body (lv 7)'s healing ability.
- Added Battle Symbol, Magic Symbol and Phoenix Blood (Phoenix Feather) to Misc Shop > Other.
- Players with PK no longer get teleported outside the town with Return/SOE.
- Reduced Sonic Storm's reuse delay.
- Implemented Hero's Cloak.
- Added Hero rewards.
- Boosted Dwarfs on melee attacks.
- Boosted Tyrant on melee attacks.
- Boosted Blade Dancer on melee attacks.

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- The new characters created will be spawned in the Ivoery Basement.
- Special characters are now forbidden for the character's name, clan name, and pet name.
- Implemented PvP/PK messages - as a system message, not announcement.
- When character in silence (block PMs) mode sends a PM to a character, silence mode no longer blocks this character, allowing both characters send each other PMs even with enabled silence mode.
- Consider members of the same command channel as friends - CTRL for attack, can't debuff, etc.
- Dwarven keeps the manufacture list after relog.
- Attendance Reward has been disabled.
- All items are destroyable.

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- Summons no longer have their master's buffs upon spawn.
- Added the option Scheme Buffs > Use on Pet to AIO Buffer.
- Slightly nerfed Rage & Frenzy while using a bow.
- The following items are now stackable
   * Raid Bomb
   * EXP Box
   * Low Lucky Box
   * Mid Lucky Box
   * High Lucky Box

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- Reworked the aggro skill effect. Added the attack action. Added effect chance. Decreased the reuse delay.
- Changed Arrest's range to be the same as Shackle's.
- The following skills are no longer counted as buffs
   * Touch of Life
   * Soul of the Phoenix
   * Salvation

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- Added Greater Might & Greater Shield to AIO Buffer for 1 hour.
- Surrenders and Vortex are no longer stackable.
- Increased the stats for the following summons - they can't be summoned inside the Olympiad since they were boosted for PvP, use the other summons
   * Feline King
   * Magnus the Unicorn
   * Spectral Lord
- Added Blessing of Queen & Gift of Queen skills to Feline King - so you can PvP and buff your party.
- Added Blessing of Seraphim & Gift of Seraphim skills to Magnus The Unicorn - so you can PvP and buff your party.
- Changes to Orfen's Earring
   * Increased Healing effects from +6% to +20%.
   * Added +2 INT
   * Added +2 WIT
- Changes to Ring of Core
   * Increased P. Accuracy from +1 to +3.
   * Added +2 DEX
   * Added +2 STR

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- More daily missions are available - beta.
- Removed the Gracia Epilogue penalty rule regarding PvE.
- The following items are now stackable
   * Black Crown, Gold Crown, Red Crown, Silver Crown
   * Beleth's Gold Dragon, Beleth's Silver Dragon, Beleth's Bronze Dragon
- The geodata engine has been reworked.

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- Fully implemented the following skills

  • Symbol of Defense (Tanks)
  • Symbol of Noise (Bd/Sws)
  • Symbol of Resistance (Fortune Seeker/Titan)
  • Symbol of Honor (Dreadnought/Maestro)
  •  Symbol of Energy (Duelist/Grand Khavatari)
  • Symbol of the Sniper (Archers)
  • Symbol of the Assassin (Daggers)
  • Volcano (Archmage)
  • Cyclone (Storm Screamer)
  • Raging Waves (Mystic Muse)
  • Day of Doom (Soultaker)
  • Gehenna (Soultaker)
  • Anti-summoning Field (Summoners)
  • Purification Field (Cardinal)
  • Miracle (Cardinal)
  • Flames of Invincibility (Dominator)
  • Mass Recharge (Saints)

- Changed the following seed-able skills

  • Aura Symphony - No seeds required
  • Inferno - 2 Seed of Fire
  • Blizzard - 2 Seed of Water
  • Demon Wind - 2 Seed of Wind
  • Elemental Assault - 1 Seed of Water + 1 Seed of Wind
  • Elemental Symphony - 1 Seed of Fire + 1 Seed of Wind
  • Elemental Storm - 1 Seed of Fire + 1 Seed of Water
  • Noblesse Harmony - 1 Seed of Fire + 1 Seed of Water + 1 Seed of Wind
  • Noblesse Symphony - 1 Seed of Fire + 1 Seed of Water + 1 Seed of Wind

- Decreased the shots bonus damage calculated along with the enchant level on the weapon.
- Increased the buff time for Champion Song and Song of Renewal from 2 minutes to 5 minutes.

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- Coliseum: To Village teleports you to Coliseum peace zone areas and you no longer lose buffs at death.
- Reduced Reflect Damage.
- Only Counterattack, Physical Mirror and Magical Mirror can reflect skills.
- Reduced Holy attack/defense attributes.
- Changed Surrenders to be stackable. Surrenders take each other out.
- Reduced Surrenders' and Curse Gloom's hit time.
- Reduced Storm Cubic's damage.
- Reverted Orfen's Earring and Ring of Core black to retail.
- Changes to Orfen's Earring
   * Increased Healing effects from +6% to +20%.
   * Added MEN +1
- Changes to Ring of Core
   * Increased P. Accuracy from +1 to +3.
   * Added Bow Range +50
- Changes to Antharas' Earring
   * Added CON +2
- Changes to Zaken's Earring
   * Added DEX +1
- Reworked Victories of Pa'agrio & Chant of Magnus to be Interlude like.
- Changed minimum level required for Rebirth from 78 to 76.

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- Changed Blessing of Queen's,  Gift of Queen's, Blessing of Seraphim's and Gift of Seraphim's buff time from 285 to 300 seconds (5 minutes).
- Changed Prophecy of Fire/Water/Wind's and Chant of Victory's buff time from 5 minutes to 1 hour.

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- Decreased the price for C/B-Grade Special Abilities. 5 Animal Bones for C-Grade and 20 Water Mantra for B-Grade.
- Implemented Capture The Flag event.
- Reworked the Aggro and Attack effects.

  • Single aggression skills: 60% aggro / 40% attack.
  • Mass aggression skills: 60% aggro / 30% attack.
  • Vengeance: 60% aggro / 60% attack.
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- Increased Dance of Siren's Magic Critical Rate.
- Increased Dance of Siren's buff time from 2 to 5 minutes.

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- Removed the Ultimate Buff from Chakram Beetle/IT.
- Fixed some vampiric bug with skills.
- Unlocked Clan Level 6. 50kk adena is required.
- TvT Event: The maximum number of participants increased from 100 to 200.
- TvT Event: Restricted Restore Life, Major Heal and Major Group Heal inside the event.
- Currently disabled Clan Wars. We have found more than 1 bug with it. We'll enable them back as soon as it's working perfectly.
- Added clan reputation per kill for the giants in Imperial Tomb 5 - 1 CRP point per player.
- Restricted Global and Trade chats to 20 PvP points.
- Reworked the path finding while following or attacking another player.
- Changed Symbol of Noise to have a chance for each dance/song separately, before there was a chance to cancel them all.

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- Fixed a bug related to the previous rework of the path finding - out of range bow issue.
- Fixed characters reaching targets with less speed.
- Avoid triggering skills on invalid targets.
- Fixed abort casting when player dies.
- Fixed next target not working sometimes.
- Implemented Flame of Splendor Barakiel on the original spawn. It's a PVP zone and it drops all 4 crowns for noblesse.
- Removed the subclass restrictions, for elf <-> darkelf, tanks, assassins, archers,  summoners, wizards, overlord and warsmith.
- Clan War: Cannot debuff an enemy clan if the clan war is not mutual.
- Clan War: War begins when the clan someone declared war against: killed in PvP/PK 50 or more characters from the clan who's declared war.
- Clan War: Reminder: The clan that cancels the war first will lose 500 Clan Reputation.
- Clan Advent is no longer counted as buff.
- Reminder: Increased Max Clan Level from 5 to 6. 50kk adena is required for level 6.
- Clans Lv. 6 or above may create Royal Guards with 500 Clan Reputation points. You can create up to 2 Royal Guards. Each can have up to 10 clan members.
   * Royal Guards known visual bug: You may see the clan members counted as main clan members until character restart.
- Changed the drops from the raid bosses to be auto loot. This should avoid any damage <-> drop issue.
- Corrected Light Vortex's Holy decrease percentage.
- Added Chant of Magnus to AIO Buffer.
- Added Magic Critical Damage effect to Prophecy of Water & Chant of Magnus.
- Pa'agrio's Soul no longer removes your Magic Barrier, only Empower.

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- Fix Loot Issue part 1. A second part may be needed. Please have patience.
- Geodata: Fixed climbing walls.
- Character stops from moving after casting a skill. Requested by players.
- Fixed Escape Shackle to also remove magical root.
- Changed the clan effect scope to include ally members.
- Corrected Prominence's hitting time.
- Added Valley of Saints and Devil's Isle to the Gatekeeper > Other.
- Slighly boosted Gladiator's damage.
- Increased Mages' magic critical chance.

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- We should have less lag problems when our friends in South America are involved in big fights.
- Fixed the "Cannnot see target" bug around stairs and ramps.
- Fixed all geodata bugs related to movement and blockages.
- Fixed the recent issues with mobs stucking inide the walls.
- Fixed the grand boss respawn timing in-game.
- Added Arcana Mace to Event Shop > Trade.
- Reduced Cleanse's reuse delay. Should be about 3 seconds with renewal and seraphim.
- Reorganized the spawn points for the Giants in Elven Fortress 2.
- Corrected Gladiator's damage.
- Temporarly disabled the clan reputation from raidbosses and superior giants.
- Reduced the clan reputation for Royal Guards from 500 to 100 each.

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- Fixed drops. Changed the drop loot - the damages of the party members are now considered as a whole.
- Fixed the movement delay after casting a skill.
- Increased the maximum zoom. Full check the updater.

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- Disabled keyboard movement.
- Evade Shot is no longer counted as buff.
- Improved mobs' follow avoiding textures instead of going through them.
- Changed minimum pk count to drop from 5 to 4.
- Decreased the price for Premium Level 1 from 10 to 5 medals, so it's equivalent to the 7 days extension, in case you lose it.
- Players are no longer allowed to drop items on the ground.
- Unlocking Refining armors and jewelry up to 75%.
- Enchant Max: Weapon +10.
- Enabled back the clan reputation from raid bosses and superior giants.

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- Temp. disabled Symbol of Noise.
- Performance improvements.

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- Added Renewal and Champion songs to AIO Buffer. Champion may be removed on next server restart though.
- Increased Mages' magic critical chance.

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- Fixed several geodata bugs related to textures. A side effect is you won't be able to click on some walls in order to move, and you're not supposed to.
- Fixed the Summoner attack speed bug.
- All grand bosses are back to their initial schedule.
- Spawned Aden Castle register manager.
- Removed Champion song from the Buffer. All scheme buffs were deleted - kindly please recreate them.
- Decreased the damage with bow for tanks.

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- Possible fix for the drop pick up protection. Added codes for "failed to pick up". So if the bug happens again, kindly please report the code number.
- Now you get flagged when you hit a raid boss or minion. We do this to see how it goes. Please give feedback.
- Corrected grand bosses' time.
- Increased crown raid bosses' HP.
- Removed ally penalty.

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- Enchant Max: Weapon +12.
- Decreased the daily World Chat messages (for Premium Lv 2) from 10 to 5.
- Added a 60-second delay to Shout/Trade chat.
- Loot rights are available if the Command Channel has at least 27 members.
- Sonic Barrier, Force Barrier and Celestial Shield are no longer cancelled on actions.

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