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Server Changelog

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Geodata, Movement, Follow

  • Geodata and movement improvements.
  • Fixed follow/attack path for both players and pets.
  • Fixed getting stuck while hitting from a balcony while the target was running away.
  • Improved the click delays when you click too fast on NPC's dialog, Community Board, etc.
  • Fixed Archer NPCs not moving while attacking.
  • Disabled random monster spawns to avoid mobs going into the texture.

Clans, Alliances

  • Clans can have up to 54 clan members.
  • Clans cannot be invited to another alliance.
  • Disabled the clan Royal Guards from the NPC.
  • Disabled raid boss/giant per-kill clan reputation.
  • Implemented Clan Rep Box - drop-able at giants/raid bosses. Higher chance for Lilith/Anakim and 100% for grand bosses.
  • Fixed clan sometimes not updating when member privileges change.
  • Clan Skills do not require special ranks.

Castles & Clan Halls

  • Disabled Clan Halls. Spawned NPC Buffers in every town.
  • Implemented Castle Cloaks.
    • cloak_of_light.jpg Cloak of Light
      • Produces the following effects: +10% CP and HP.
    • cloak_of_darkness.jpg Cloak of Darkness
      • Produces the following effects: +10% CP and HP.
    • cloaks_small.png
  • Only Castle's Lord can use Improved Scroll of Escape.


  • Fixed players from attacking before the Olympiad countdown ends.
  • Fixed a bug with Hero's Cloak pDef/mDef.
  • Fixed receiving another Hero weapon while you already have one.
  • Updated the rules of calculating points at the Olympiad Manager.

Buffs/Debuffs Count

  • Buffs, dances and songs are part of the same count now.
  • Changed Buff max count from 27 (16 buffs, 11 dances/songs) to 26 (buffs or dances/songs).
  • Changed Debuff max count from 24 to 6.

Excluded from the Buffs Count

  • Noblesse Blessing
  • Soul of the Phoenix
  • Salvation
  • Greater Group Heal
  • Pa'agrio's Heart
  • Chant of Life
  • Touch of Life
  • Prayer

Skills, Classes

  • Magic Skills' land rate now takes Magic Attack/Magic Defense into consideration.
  • Removed queued skill upon move request.
  • Fixed to finish attack action and then cast skills.
  • Fixed skills not been casted in instances.
  • Fixed inability to dispel some skills.
  • Fixed Seal of Ruler casting prohibition.
  • Removed Mages' pDef penalty on Heavy & Light armors.
  • Enabled Dagger Mastery's trigger skill by attack.
  • skill0176_0.png Frenzy: Changed buff time from 1 minute to 1.5 minutes.
  • skill0139_0.png Guts: Changed buff time from 1 minute to 1.5 minutes.
  • skill0420_0.png Zealot: Changed buff time from 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Skill_30635_1.jpg Dual Dagger Mastery was added to Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter and Fortune Seeker.
    • A state in which MP consumption of skills is greatly decreased, and the probability of a vital spot jab is increased.
  •  Skill_821_8.jpg Shadow Step was added to Treasure Hunter, Plains Walker and Abyss Walker. Restricted inside the Olympiad.
    • Allows user to stealthily approach the enemy from behind. Target cancel is possible.
  • Skill_994_1.jpg Rush was added to Destroyer, Gladiator, Warlord, FortuneSeeker and Warsmith. Restricted inside the Olympiad.
    • Allows user to stealthily approach the enemy from behind. Target cancel is possible.
  • skill0030_0.png Backstab's Critical Chance added back - same chance as half-lethal.
  • skill0344_0.png Lethal Blow's Critical Chance added back - same chance as half-lethal.
  • skill0181_0.png Revival: Changed HP percentage to be used changed from 10% to 20%.
  • skill0406_0.png Angelic Icon: Changed HP percentage to be used changed from 30% to 50%.
  • skill0403_0.png Shackle: Slightly increased debuff chance.
  • skill0402_0.png Arrest: Slightly increased debuff chance.
  • skill0048_0.png Thunder Storm: Increased debuff time from 2 to 3 seconds.
  • skill0452_0.png Shock Stomp: Increased debuff time from 2 to 3 seconds.
  • skill0307_0.png Dance of Aqua Guard: Reduced buff time from 2 to 1 minute.
  • skill0309_0.png Dance of Earth Guard: Reduced buff time from 2 to 1 minute.
  • skill0270_0.png Song of Invocation: Reduced buff time from 2 to 1 minute.
  • skill0306_0.png Flame Guard's Song: Reduced buff time from 2 to 1 minute.
  • skill0308_0.png Storm Guard's Song: Reduced buff time from 2 to 1 minute.
  • skill1182_0.png Water Resistance: Reduced buff time from 20 to 5 minute.
  • skill1189_0.png Wind Resistance: Reduced buff time from 20 to 5 minute.
  • skill1191_0.png Fire Resistance: Reduced buff time from 20 to 5 minute.
  • skill0915.png Dance of Berserker added to Spectral Dancer.
    • Decreases a party member's P. Def., M. Def. and Evasion, and increases their P. Atk., M. Atk., Atk. Spd., Casting Spd. and Speed for 30 seconds. 
  • skill0764.png Windstorm Song added to Sword Muse.
    • For 30 seconds, increases a party member's Bow Resistance by 10 and Crossbow Resistance by 5.

Gatekeeper, Zones

  • Changed the main town to the new Talking Island village from Epic Tale of Aden: Grand Crusade.
    • Talking Island village is divided in 2 areas, each area has all NPCs and respawn points (to village, soe, etc.), the store-area is in the middle.
    • Changed new char spawn location from Ivory Tower to Talking Island village.
  • Reworked the Gatekeeper
    • Removed the following zones: Rock Hill / Swampland, Orc Barr. / Windy Hills, Lizardmen Plains, Forest of Mirrors, Elven Ruins, Forge of the Gods and Hardins Private Academy, Forsaken Plains, Elven Fotress.
    • Merged Low Level and High Level into one as Lv / Farm.
    • Added The Giant's Cave to Lv / Farm.
    • Moved all arenas from Other to Towns.
    • Renamed Other to Raid.
      • Added the following grand bosses zones
        • Cruma Tower 2
        • The Ant Nest
        • Sea of Spores
        • Tower of Insolance 11
        • Devil's Isle
        • Antharas Lair 3
        • Forge of the Gods 4
      • Added the following raid bosses zones
        • Forsaken Plains 1, 3
        • Tower of Insolance 8
        • Valley of Saints
        • Ketra Orc Outpost
        • Varka Silenos Outpost
        • Blazing Swamp
        • The Cemetery 2
        • Hot Springs
    • Created Premium and added the following
      • Bandit Stronghold

Farm System

  • Removed crafting recipes from the game.
  • Added S-Grade Special Abilities to Mantra Manager.
  • Moved C/B Grade Special Abilities from Mantra Manager to Weapon Shop with Adena.
  • Removed all boring mats and some items from the game and we only kept 3 of them, except the mantras.
    • What we kept: Stem, Silver Nugget, Enria.
    • What we removed: Craftsman Mold, Artisan's Frame, Steel Mold, Braided Hemp, Varnish of Purity, Coarse Bone Powder, Mold Hardener, Animal Bone, Varnish, Adamantite Nugget, Iron Ore, Coal, Stone of Purity, Oriharukon Ore, Charcoal, Mithril Ore, Thons.

Rebirth System

  • Reset Rebirth skills now costs 5 Event Medals.
  • Once you get level 80, you can perform all 3 Rebirths with no delevel.

Subclass System

  • You no longer need Noblesse status to perform a Subclass.
  • Added Subclass Status counting your Subclasses at the NPC.
  • Decreased Raidbosses' respawn time from 12 to 7 hours +/- 1.

Player, UI

  • Fixed drop picking up issue. Remember that you lose your rights if you go too far. 
  • Increased max buffs count from 15 to 16.
  • Increased max songs/dances count from 10 to 11.
  • Enabled Auto-Potions at login. Can still be disabled by typing ".apoff".
  • Enabled Auto-Shots on client's UI.
  • Disabled ON/OFF experience gain feature.
  • Added starting buffs at character creation.
  • Premium excludes the Squash event.
  • Added PvP Rune as reward for every PvP.

Refining L2Gold Jewelry

  • necklace_of_valor.jpg Necklace of Valor
    • The power of Necklace of Hekaton, Naga and Brakki combine. Produces the following effects: MP +42, +15% CP, +15% HP and +50% resistance to most of the debuffs.
    • Required / Combine all the stats from the following items:
      • hekaton.jpg Necklace of Hekaton
      • naga.jpg Necklace of Naga
      • Accessary_necklace_of_courage_i00_0.jpg Necklace of Brakki
  • earring_of_destiny.jpg Earring of Destiny
    • The power of Earring of Kandra, Von Helman, Vermilion and Falston combine. Produces the following effects: MP +31, +20% wind, dark, fire, water resistance and +7 speed.
    • Required / Combine all the stats from the following items:
      • kandra.jpg Earring of Kandra
      • vonhelman.jpg Earring of Von Helman
      • vermilion.jpg Earring of Vermilion
      • falston.jpg Earring of Falston
  • ring_of_the_truth.jpg Ring of the Truth
    • The power of Ring of Horuth and Mos combine. Produces the following effects: +10% P.Def. and +10% M.Def.
    • Required / Combine all the stats from the following items:
      • Accessary_ring_of_sola_eclipse_i00_0.jpg Ring of Horuth
      • Accessary_ring_of_summons_i00_0.jpg Ring of Mos


  • Item_7080.jpg Essence of Kamaloka
    • Drop-able from the final boss inside Kamaloka.
  • Item_36112.jpg Raid Token
    • Drop-able from raid and grand bosses. Collectable to buy L2Gold items.
  • l2gold.jpg Doll Knife*Doll Knife
    • Dual Dagger Mastery and Level 80 is required.
  • fg.jpg Forgotten Blade*Forgotten Blade comes with different SA
    • Forgotten Blade*Forgotten Blade - Focus
    • Forgotten Blade*Forgotten Blade - Haste
  • Accessory_earring_of_orfen_i00_0.jpg Orfen's Earring stats updated
    • +20% Heal Effect
    • +3% Physical Defense
    • +3% Magical Defense
  • Accessory_ring_of_core_i00_0.jpg Ring of Core stats updated
    • +3 Accuracy
    • +3% Physical Attack
    • +3% Magical Attack
  • Accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00_0.jpg Zaken's Earring
    • +1 DEX
  • Accessory_earring_of_antaras_i00_0.jpg Antharas' Earring
    • +2 CON

Event Engine

  • Main events - are the classic massive events such as TvT or CTF, with lots of players.
    • Team vs Team
    • Capture the Flag
    • Domination
    • Mass Domination
    • Deathmatch
    • Last Man Standing
  • Mini events (disabled for now) - are small events like 1vs1, 5vs5, 3vs3vs3, Korean 6vs6. They are running non-stop or in specified hours/days; they start as soon as enough players register for one match. They are completely instanced (means there can be more simultaneous mini events) and they run in random arenas.
    • Single players fights
    • Party fights
    • Korean style
  • Event Warning system - disables access to events to all problematic players. It adds warning points to players who, for example, disconnect while they're on a mini event or generally do some bad things in events. When they do it three times (so they have 3 warnings), they will be unable to join any event. Warnings decrease by 1 every day.
  • Players are sorted to their teams based on their class, level and strength generally (same goes for healer classes, it won't happen that for example team 1 has 3 healers and team 2 has 0).
  • NPCs shows all information about the events. Descriptions of events, etc.
  • Automatic creation of parties and system which tries to put at least one healer/buffer to each party.
  • Advanced respawn system (wave-style); multiple respawn spots.
  • Text bar shown in player's screen shows score, time left, top players, etc.
  • Player's title shows the current score, deaths count, etc.
  • More maps support (event running in different place every time).
  • Radar system works like GPS in events such as CTF (shows the location of enemy's flag) or Battlefields (shows nearest base to capture).
  • Rewardable actions: first blood (first kill on event), first register (rewards first X registered players to the event).


  • Implemented Vote Manager Groot.
  • Removed the castle tax from the game.
  • Fixed a minor bug with the Daily Missions.
  • Fixed Daily Rewards reset every day at 6:30 am.
  • Moved Zaken's spawn on the ship.
  • l2.ini and user.ini can no longer be replaced.
  • Macro's lines were reduced from 12 to 1 until the Olympiad opens.
  • Increased Zoom and doubled the wheel speed.
  • Increased Resistance cap. 
  • Added Shift+Click on NPCs for Respawn time, Stats and Aggro list.
  • Fixed Queen Ant's Fire weakness.
  • Added a 30-second Resurrection dialog.

NPC Buffer

  • Buffs for free: Prophecy of Fire/Water/Wind, Chant of Victory/Magnus.
  • Buffs for Premium/free from its classes: Gift of Seraphim, Blessing of Queen, Dance of Siren, Song of Renewal/Champion.

Premium System

  • Reduced the price per upgrade/extension from 10 to 5 Donate Medals.
  • Split the system into 2:
    • Level 1
      • EXP/SP Rate Bonus +100%
      • Drop Chance Rate Bonus +50%
      • Spoil Chance Rate Bonus +50%
      • Daily World Chat: 2
      • Inventory Slots: 100
      • Premium Teleports
      • Premium Buffs:
        • skill1332_0.png Gift of Seraphim
        • skill1331_0.png Blessing of Queen
        • skill0365_0.png Dance of Siren
        • skill0349_0.png Song Renewal
        • skill0364_0.png Champion Song
    • Level 2
      • EXP/SP Rate Bonus +100%
      • Drop Chance/Amount Rate Bonus +50%
      • Spoil Chance/Amount Rate Bonus +50%
      • Daily World Chat: 5
      • PvE Damage Bonus +10%
      • Title Color: Yellow
      • Attendance Check (Daily Rewards)
      • Inventory Slots: 150
      • Daily Instances: 2
      • Premium Teleports
      • Premium Buffs:
        • skill1332_0.png Gift of Seraphim
        • skill1331_0.png Blessing of Queen
        • skill0365_0.png Dance of Siren
        • skill0349_0.png Song Renewal
        • skill0364_0.png Champion Song

Player ".menu"

  • Shots Animation
  • Heal Animation
  • AOE Animation
  • Trade Refusal
  • All Refusal - you can't see the chat either
  • Auto Potions - Auto CP to Premium users
  • menu.png

Daily Rewards

  • daily.jpg

Voting Buff

  • Vote for our server and receive a special buff!
  • image.png
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  • Trance changed the title to Server Changelog

- You no longer need a kill in order to get rewarded at TvT on support classes.
- Added a Proxy Server hosted at Google in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
- Fixed the Cleanse issue.
- Added the Superior Giants to the Daily Mission: Giants.
- Changed the Aggro List from Shift+Click to be sorted by Damage.
- Increased chance for Enria at Regular Giants, Vampire Warlords and Abraxions.
- Vote Manager reworked:
   * If you have voted, you'll get the buff on any character at enter.
   * If you haven't voted, the buff won't renew.

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- Fixed some errors with the Event Engine.
- Reduced SA: Critical Stun's abnormal time.
- Toggle skills no longer occupy buff slots.
- A character must be at least 2 days online (Online Time Ranking) to progress in killing mobs in Daily Missions.
- Decreasing Mages' Casting Speed while wearing Heavy.
- Adjusted Grand Bosses' respawn time to reflect the website/calendar.
- Increased Karma drop chance for equipped items.
- Replaced CB's Clan tab with Event Status.
- Spawned Aden's Castle Registration Guard.
- Implemented PvP Name & Title Color.

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- Reverted Daily Mission anti-feed protection. Removed the 5 Event Medals reward from Giants.
- You need to be at least Level 76 to enter offline mode. Added a message with instructions.
- Rebirth Manager Selenor is now asking 2 Event Medals for reset instead of 5.
- Nerfed Trance's chance.
- Increased Curse Gloom chance.
- Increased Surrenders' chance.
- Reverted the Resistance cap changes like it was during the 2nd Season.
- Events: Set to divide the players into the teams based on PVPs.
- New event implemented called Domination.
- Warlord's HP reduced by 20%.
- Fixed Shadow Step while inside the event.
- Enabled No-Heroes Olympiad. Noblesse should not be needed.

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- Increased Clan member slots from 45 to 54.
- Limited Command Channel to 6 parties.
- Enchant limit for S-Grade weapons changed from +10 to +12.
- The Synergy system now works in Events - PvP kills to support classes.
- Decreased Regular Raidbosses' respawn time from 6h +/- 1h to 5h +/- 1h.
- Decreased Subclass Raidbosses' respawn time from 7h +/- 1h to 6h +/- 30m.
- Decreased Noblesse Raidbosses' respawn time from 8h +/- 30m to 6h +/- 30m.
- Calendar & Website were updated.

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- Spawned Giran Castle's Registration NPC.
- Enabled L2Gold Items.
- Gladiator: Increased skill power.
- Slightly decreased Dryad Root's chance.
- In-Game World Chat (&) will be broadcasted on Discord > #🌎game-chat.

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- Unlocked Armors/Jewelry up to 100%. New material will be needed from 75% to 100% and so on: Thons - will be drop-able at Giants, Vampire Warlords and Abraxion.
- Added Raid Token to Raid Bombs.

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• Fully enabled macros.
 • Enchant Limit: Weapon +14
 • Increasing the chance of L2Gold items from 1% to 2%
 • Adding the PvP area for Antharas Lair 3 - once you get down the bridge
 • Adding the PvP area for Forge of the Gods 4 - once you teleport via the NPC Klein
 • Adding the PvP area for the entire Cruma Tower - everywhere
 • Extended Queen Ant's PvP area - until the stone arches
 • Clan Downsizing
       We will drastically reduce the number of players in a clan/side - 40 clan members, 4 parties in a command channel.
 • Fixed the ALT+H exploit with resurrection dialog.
 • Valakas moved to 11:30PM Server Time.
 • Completely removed Antharas/Valakas players counting, just in case. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

- Paladin, Dark Avenger, Temple Knight, Shillien Knight: Increased HP, pDef and mDef.
- Increased Trance's casting time.
- Decreased Offline Traders from 3 days to 1 day.
- Unlocking Apella 75% with an increase in the required mats
- Enchant Limit: Weapon +20
- Disabled Auto Potions while inside.
- Decreased required number of participants from 10 to 5.

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- You need at least 1 kill in order to get the reward at any event (Winner/Looser).
- Disabled Bishops inside the events.
- Enabled DeathMatch.

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- Added Agathions to Event Shop Dianne.
- Added 4 New Accessories, 1 New Appearance Stone: Metal Suit to Event Shop Dianne.
- Updated Daily Rewards (Attendance Check).
- Fixed a bug with Shield and Apella Heavy Armor Sets.
- Olympiad: Necromancer will have Empower Lv 1 instead of 3.
- Siege: Increased Headquarters' HP.
- Siege: PvP Point in a siege zone for any target, not only if target is on the Dark side.
- Buffer: Premium Buffs: Free for all. Added Gift of Seraphim, Blessing of Queen, Gift of Queen, Dance of Siren, Song of Renewal, and Champion Song to Scheme Buffs.
- Buffer: Added Elemental Protection.
- Hero Weapons: +12.
- Skill: Sleeping Cloud: Casting time doubled.

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- Item: Hero's Cloak: Decreased P.Def and M.Def 100 -> 50.
- Skill: Heroic Valor: Reworked P.Def and M.Def 20% -> 10%.
- Skill: Aggression: Chance increased Target-Me: 60% -> 80%, Get Aggro: 40% -> 60%.
- Increased Resistance cap for Attributes.
- Unlocked Refining for Apella 100%.
- Added a new item called Gold Stone: Essential ingredient that Mantra Manager Wilbrand needs to Refine Apella from 75% to 100% percentage. Drop-able in Primeval Island.
- Set PvP Rune tradeable.
- Restricted Snipe inside the events.
- Implemented Life Stones
   - Mid-grade Life Stone - Lv. 76
   - Top-grade Life Stone - Lv. 76
Added Primeval Isle 1, 2, and 3
  - #1 is on the Bridge (Safe Zone)
  - #2 and #3 are are skipping the Beach Area (Flag Zone)
  - Beach Area (Flag Zone) is also a respawn zone on the Bridge. Buffs are kept at death.
  - New Raid Boss: Uruka: All SubClass beleths. Respawning every 12 +/- 1 hours.
  - Mobs and its drops
     - Wild Strider  - Mid Life Stones
     - Pterosaur - Top Life Stones
     - Tyrannosaurus - Mid/Top Life Stones + Superior Giant drops
- Chance increased by 5% from +3 to +10.
*** Run the updater ***

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- Rewarding 1 PvP Rune for each kill.
- Rewarding 10 PvP Rune extra for a 10-killing spree.

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- Added Misc Shop > Pet Food.
- Extended Olympiad's maximum number of matches a character can join per week.
- Reworked /olympiadstat: Shows all info correctly if you have a player in target, if not, it will show your own info.
- Ignoring Guts, Frenzy and Zealot from buffs count.
- Removed Event Medals requirement from Rebirth Skills reset.
- Slightly decreased Empower Lv.1's mAtk.
- Updated Event Shop.

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  • 2 weeks later...

- Increased's Stick of Eternity - Blessed Body's chance from 20% to 40%.
- Slightly decreased skill chance for Seal of Silence, Seal of Suspension, Curse of Doom, Curse of Abyss, Silence, Sleep, Dreaming Spirit and Stun Stomp.
- Increased P. Atk. by 10% for Sword of Apostle, Cudgel and Crokian Blade*Crokian Blade on the passive.
- Doubled Mass Resurrection's reuse delay (Classic-like).
- All BUFFS are now PARTY buffs.
- Nerfed Duelist & Tyrant's skill power by 10%.
- Boosted Archers' Critical Damage by 10%. (an actual revert of a nerf during Season 2).
- Replaced Vesper with Elegia for a future update.
- Accessories are trade-able now.
- Implemented L2Gold Epic Crown: +1000% CP Regen. Drop-able only at Grand Bosses.
- High Rate: Added Gold Stone and Top/Mid Life Stones.
** Damage dealers should deal slightly more damage now**
** Run the updater **

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