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    • - Fixed several bugs inside the events. - Removed the Death Match zone from Elven Ruins. - Changed the maximum number of clans in alliance from 2 to 1. - Disabled the clan Royal Guards from the NPC. - Increased max buffs count from 15 to 16. - Premium System changes:   * Removed the second level. There's only one premium level now.   * Removed the drop/spoil multipler.   * Increased Inventory slots from 150 to 200.   * Increased the PvE Damage from 5 to 10%.
    • Hi Community, What do you guys think of a Summer Season 2.5 aka PvP Season? No items (such as weapons, armors) at donations, no drop multipler at Premium, easy farm and lots of PvPs. We're not 100% sure of it yet. We're waiting for your feedback. Join our discord: https://discord.com/invite/XSwcw8y  
    • We have 2 types of events Main events - are the classic massive events such as TvT or CTF, with lots of players. Mini events - are small events like 1vs1, 5vs5, 3vs3vs3, Korean 6vs6. They are running non-stop or in specified hours/days; they start as soon as enough players register for one match. They are completely instanced (means there can be more simultaneous mini events) and they run in random arenas. Available main events (and its maps) Team vs Team Dark Arts, Ruins of Despair, Abandoned Camp, MoS, Ivory Tower, Tower of Naia, Training Camp, Frozen Waterfall Capture the Flag Cruma Tower, MoS, Mithril Mines Domination Hunters Village, Anghel Waterfall, Tower of Naia, Plunderous Plains Mass Domination TOI 6, Plunderous Mass, Obelisk Deathmatch Coliseum, TOI 1 Last Man Standing Coliseum, TOI 1 Lucky Chests (soon) Zombies (soon) Mutant (soon) Treasure Hunt (soon) Battlefields (soon) Hunting Grounds (soon) Available mini events Single players fights 1 vs 1 3 players FFA 5 players FFA Party fights 2 vs 2 5 vs 5 9 vs 9 2 vs 2 vs 2 5 vs 5 vs 5 Korean style 3 vs 3 4 vs 4 5 vs 5 9 vs 9 More features Event Warning system - disables access to events to all problematic players. It adds warning points to players who, for example, disconnect while they're on a mini event or generally do some bad things in events. When they do it three times (so they have 3 warnings), they will be unable to join any event. Warnings decrease by 1 every day. Players are sorted to their teams based on their class, level and strength generally (same goes for healer classes, it won't happen that for example team 1 has 3 healers and team 2 has 0). NPCs shows all information about the events. Descriptions of events, etc. Automatic creation of parties and system which tries to put at least one healer/buffer to each party. Advanced respawn system (wave-style); multiple respawn spots. Text bar shown in player's screen shows score, time left, top players, etc. Player's title shows the current score, deaths count, etc. More maps support (event running in different place every time). Radar system works like GPS in events such as CTF (shows the location of enemy's flag) or Battlefields (shows nearest base to capture). Rewardable actions: first blood (first kill on event), first register (rewards first X registered players to the event). Disconnect-reconnect support gets players back to the event in case they disconnected but then logged back in.
    • - Spawned Mini Events (beta) npc in Aden Town. - Added the Main Events (beta) every 30 minutes - random events type, random maps.
    • - Highly increased the chance for L2Gold items at Raid Bosses.
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