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  1. 1-2 hour max is to FIX Gatekeeper teleports i just post now that suggestions , i was speaking with mad 2-3 weeks before about this suggestion with Teleports.
  2. you completed me about epic teleports, ofc "not closed" teleports i think this is self-evident thats why i dont analyzed more. atleast 3 spots its ok for epics ,but for sure now the 1 teleport is problem. also forge of the gods out of NPC Devil isle official spot not inside Cruma out of NPC before you TP Core floor also about TOI 12 TP has Raid Boss at Toi 13 Garacsia one of the best rbs in Gold Style , that means will have Full PvPs with Toi 12 Teleport for baium also server has cancel bubbles thats why you need more spots for now will be unplayable for sure like this ,
  3. My suggestion is to Remove Elven Ruins is looking useless zone no reason to farm there Boost mats drop & Spoil for solo farm zone > Elven Fortress with Enria/SN AOE Farm Zone > Imperial Tomb its OK Party Farm > Giants its OK PvP Giants IT5 > its OK and server will have Good Solo farm for Solo players & Single Targets, also you have: AOE farm, Party farm, PVP Party farm looking balanced farm system About Gatekeeper Everyone must have Access on Raid Boss Teleports (NOT CH NOT PREMIUM ONLY) You can add in GK>Other Zones more teleports for Raid Bosses tha
  4. SirDarky


    [Info] Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SirDarkyProductions Discord: SirDarky#3556 Recruits: ON Prime time: 20:00 GMT+2 - 05:00 GMT+2 What server's we play: Custom , retail , gold style & mid rates , PvP servers , we play almost all servers just to be playable with good files & anti-cheat here are some videos:
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