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  1. Ah randoms like me..you take lineage 2 too seriously bro,you really need to grow up i will agree with trance on this one. So all “your” side left after you let them and you keep on talking about CBS,who is noone in 9v9 and you know it,same as he is in leading a clan..and the fact that two sides focused on you sometimes,what do you expect when you outgear as and you are also abusing the castle bug? Let you run around like cute butterflies? Of course i’ll focus you “pro” shit caller ? have fun in authentic ??
  2. You know that with this posts you just make CBS look even more useless leader than he is? All you spam for is “i just got called to come and save their asses” What i see here “unfortunately” is that the moment you start losing you start the typical “i won everyone” behaviour..even when we just step on you in the last epics you keep saying about dickhokding with tco or qb or whatever,you created this hate between everyone and cbs’s clan so now feel the rage ? goodbye and believe me nobody except cbs is going to miss you ?
  3. There is no archer pt that can kill a full sph geared pt when sph hit for 900-1100 to full refined jewels,first face a pt like this then judge.Secondly in about 2 weeks that refine will be 100% mages will be unbeatable,archers will need aq/baium and its going to take looooong time until everybody has.In conclusion,leave it as it is,we need the dual box for many reasons and an organise pt can log a bd and struggle in dual box like we struggle for cat/hex.If you want everything easy guys go to a pvp server with 3hr buffs
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