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    summoners 2

    Increased the stats for the following summons - they can't be summoned inside the Olympiad since they were boosted for PvP, use the other summons * Feline King * Magnus the Unicorn * Spectral Lord - Added Blessing of Queen & Gift of Queen skills to Feline King - so you can PvP and buff your party. - Added Blessing of Seraphim & Gift of Seraphim skills to Magnus The Unicorn - so you can PvP and buff your party bad idea really , add already the buff at aio npc or give the summon his damage skill , think about it even with boost stats is still gonna be just a char
  2. Moon


    so people can enjoy playing summoner in pvp and reducing the number of boxes the ES , PS , Warlock should have their skill damage ( aqua swirl , twister and blaze ) like they have in the classic version.
  3. chnage EF and ER with Ruins of Agony and Ruins of Despair , open space for both locations and good for pvp also
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