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  1. Just reconsider to increase the amount of buffs!!!Fighters have a big problem with the number of buffs.I created Titan and i must take guidance and inspiration because mobs always evade at the same level.But if i do that then i debuff myself with my own buffs.Doesn't make any sense.First things fisrt.Personally i don't mind to use multiple boxes for buffs.
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    hello there.I am new to server and i am really happy to play at Gold style server again.The only problem is the buffs and specific the amount of buffs that is allowed to take.I am playing with dagger and although i am using specific (don't use accuracy or berz) buffs i see that i have debuff issues.I am not even take Cat or resist buffs from Pof or Aqua guard.If i use mirage,dush and ue and use mortal blow then the debuff is for sure.Pleaze fix it because it is a little bit unfair.I am considering of play tyrrant also but with this number of allowed buffs i cannot think what should i NOT take.
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