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  1. rusty

    Goodbye clowns

    that fight where 3/4 of qb got glitched into the fucking stairs, that's all you've got from 3 weeks of the server? oh right you didnt even play on this server and all you have to show for yourself is a fraps from a server where your clan member was the main dev and you suddenly all had over enchanted gear and boss jewels? and all you could muster was this lucky fight that conveniently doesn't show what happened in the cave. wow you are so good post whatever fraps you wish, it seems like you will always have something to prove, you'll never get half as good as qb was at its lowest poi
  2. rusty

    Goodbye clowns

    there are no fights against qb in your video you dumb fanboy you will always be trash no matter how much shit you talk, back to your failed server dirtbag
  3. rusty

    Goodbye clowns

    half of it fanboying over qb then not showing any straight fight against qb as showing 1.5 parties against 9 or that 2:1 fight where half of qb was stuck underneath the stairs can't really be counted this guy has been fanboying qb for well over 10 years and has been the official clown of the l2 community
  4. Are you really comparing 2nd class buff to a 3rd class buff? OMG ADD SALVATION TO NPC BUFFER BECAUSE BISHOPS HAVE RES AND ITS NOT FAIR Your point makes no sense in L2's physical/magic hit/crit design.
  5. People box for other reasons than to just give themselves buffs. Raid cam, spoiler for farming, setup shop, look for gear etc. having to relog every time would be such a fucking hassle...
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