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    Titans usually didn't get battle roar as second HP skill. It should replace the bless the body buff. P atk should be high during frenzy and zealot should be more than 30 sec (1 min if I am not wrong) Titan isn't able to kill a bishop as he hits only 2k crit max with HD+9 but archer has more chances to kill as he crits more But this server sucks on balance ... soon everyone will play grand khavatari and daggers in EF Thanks for replying @Trance
  2. 9lam


    TITAN hits more damage with BOW then 2handed sword, when he is specializing mostly in 2h. swords and then polearms and blunts and not BOWS I like to play as titan in any server but here it sucks completely. I do not want to hit bow .. either I would play archer. if you are afraid that giants get killed fast, then just put some resistance on mobs PLEASE BALANCE
  3. 9lam


    I hope GM you will review this unbalance. I have played so many servers and such a nerf I didn't see anywhere. I am not asking to give titan high attack on bows, daggers or any other shits. Just leave him as he is with 2handed sword and pole. Against mages, archers and daggers he suck if they know how to play (distance, evasion).
  4. 9lam


    I do not know why you tried so hard to nerf titans. They are like useless to play in this server. Only for farm and that's all. In sieges they were anyway useless as ranged classes owned them. Make this class playable at pvps !
  5. Just joined the server recently. I would have this question, how people manage to use interfaces or adrenalines (didn't get what they use) and farm without any issues?
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