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  1. When are you gonna learn to code on l2off files (C++) and stop using this garbage java pack where nothing works properly ? Nigga you added missing debuff resist on prophecies, but you forgot to mention that debuff resist doesn't even matter kekw
  2. What ? I don't care about what randoms like you think or say. Facts are facts. I won every epic I shot called for except for the valakas dickhold 6vs15 parties. CBS is playing MA and it's really hard to call properly and if he doesn't do it himself, then there's no other shot caller in the side. I doubt l2gold community has any strong shot callers in the first place. I came back for 2nd Valakas and the following QA and still stomped everyone despite both clans going out of their way to focus us 1st. I told them I won't play any more so I don't see why this side keeps playing this server.
  3. You mean the one that did a terrible job at prescribing you the right pills ?
  4. It's been over a decade and you're still trying to use "greek" as a racist insult ? The same nation that spanked you in your own home in 2004 ? Go back to not existing after losing servers to yoda & playmaker and 9v9s to SP. Btw, this you nigga ? lmao you're along side mayke mendes, that 1 BR admin that is butthurt I killed his corrupted servers and fucked his reputation. You 2 are the only admins to be so butthurt and engage in flaming players. Your bias is obvious and your insecurity is screaming out loud. Imagine being so insecure about y
  5. lmao if you want to watch actual fraps of how this l2gold side raped you with me shot calling, you can watch their fraps. I came here just to piss you off and take everything til you don't exist. I don't know what gear you're talking about. On fantastic you literally had 2 QB members as the server owners (Munich aka Vymn who played with u here too & Huzzlin). In the fight we posted both us and you have bows +6~8 while you also had 1 baium that u sneaked due to spawn time being wrong Garbage players, your bishop gets up while still stunned and loses buffs. G A R B A G E. Y
  6. It's always the clueless idiots who are nonfactors that complain about the same thing. If you desperate for my buff setup just say it and I might sell it to you. Came back to get slapped by l2goldplayers and ragequit 2 weeks in lmao
  7. Right. So that baium fight is against impostors ? I didn't really fraps on this server. My party didn't play. I didn't even play the server myself. I just got called to log for epics and shot call and take everything from you. Is this qb btw ? 1 vs 2 bishops without cat buff Pretty sure this is sisenors main party no ? Inside, royalty, seen, shook, thundermind etc I could start posting all sublimity final fraps and how you got embarrassed and forced to ally tf and still manage to lose the server until the admin banned me in-game for flaming while y'all free-fl
  8. i see a lot of mad hoes in these replies but none of them relevant to the game. if u wanna watch pvp fraps of how u lost everything, u can watch darky's or whitewidow's videos. I don't care about ur server, I only logged for epics to shot call until qb ragequit. And my video was meant only to expose how deluded QB still is in 2021 and how desperate the admin was to help them indirectly with nerfs/buffs on specific classes. If I cared, I would've made about 4-5 videos by now and ask for money/coins to release them promoting the server. You fools came here thinking you're gonna bully l2goldplaye
  9. Didn't really fraps the epics because the pvps were boring and the client looks like whoever made the animations hated his job.
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