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    You keep nerfing skill power of titans which is fine cause they were actually hitting pretty hard. But atleast increase their AUTO-ATTACK, they miss a lot anyway so it would be balanced. Make titans the class they should be. A DESTROYER for 60 sec , thats the feeling of the class.
  2. Nate

    Pasok Recruit.

    Το ΠΑΣΟΚ ειναι εδω, ενωμενο δυνατο. Αναζητουμαι λοιπον ενα CC party για να συμπληρωσουμε αυτοδυναμια. Παρακαλω οι ενδιαφερομενοι να απαντησουν απο κατω ή να στειλουν προσωπικο μυνημα στον QQQQQQQ. PASOK (the old, the good, the orthodox) is Recruiting a CC CP to start its domination on the server. Please contact below or send a pm to QQQQQQQ.
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