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  1. Ahh shiet. Drama is still on, YTP still holding his dead horse, and trying to be tough S/O/B but eventually he end up be another wanna be Leader (pro shotcaller), Dude if you are that good, then prove it, WIN server, and not quit after couple of clans who only play Archers, 69 you cuz they was out numbered Clan vs Clan. All they was trying to do is to get more fun, and more content of that 1sided epic's CUZ you/CBS/ and others is cry babies crying to other CL (Log on epic's help me win). #NotMainCP 2k21
  2. Hello, So 1 week ago, whole europe change time to summer time, and i wana ask, did GM/Admins change it already, or they will keep it +1h from actual time?
  3. Why dafaq even you talk trance? Better go fix bugs on your project and do smth about it. ? instead of chating and showing your intelect. And this post is Stupidity on the highest point, 2k21 ppl who are 25y+ still measuring thier dick's to show videos from 10y ago ? to prove that they are ALPHA dogs...
  4. Hello there. I wana ask you community and devs about how foi works on this server, cuz my opinion the foi is a bit messed up, 1.Auto cancel in action (press skill) is good. 2. Fast cast is good. 3. When you are in foi, you still get Debuff's? is this is a normal? And foi is only to ignore DMG skills but debuffs go all over it? E.g DOD, roots silences. Mby this should be changed or no?
  5. WTF? Macro for autofarming? Srsly? Remove it.....
  6. No need to change anythink, better buff those classes for more versatile pvp's, give e.g Cat (long range skill, to be able fight with or anythink) and they can be inserted on main party, and do not stay as a dualbox for 1 buff. If mages deal more dmg than archers, then play with ressists, and problem will be solved. In my opinion, just Add +2 buffs on buff slot for archers, to get little bit more balance on pvp's. And, start creating more Live events on server. For ppl to get interests in server and daily activity.
  7. This is bull shiet what you just write... More sides on server e.g 20 pts and 4 sides with 5pts is better all around than 10pt vs 10pt, CUZ there is a lot of strategy in multiple sides than in 2 sided servers, OFC eventualy server will end up in 2 side, but always more interesting fight's against more than 1 side. And in gold servers always who is stronger side will get 69 96 but still it's funnier than 2 Big D greek leaders that sucking a nipples for other cp's partys or clans to get stronger for 1 god damn Pixel ring or what ever, that 60ppl will "Share"
  8. He is right. Give that man a respect that he deserve. Put all rb's on chaotic zone or area around them, and make Rb's movable(For random partys-solo players) to have a chance to get rb drop for economy. Cuz atm i never seen any of crown's sell on market place.
  9. Hello. i am looking for Clan/TAG/CP to play with. Mby anyone would consider my application and we can talk, on dc/ts about what i can do to be part of a group/clan/ally.
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