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  1. GoDBlesS


    Nice tópico but not Only with titan, some classes for to be more fun in pvp
  2. GoDBlesS

    pvp area

    i guess u should add a pvp area with everybody with same name and dont lost buffs int that area, to make game more fun
  3. Hi dears May u should put bews at aden its unfair with nos clan players, also no one clan inv pll alone. How solo players will play? Npc in bandit turn server unbalanced
  4. add buffs to npc, its suck for some peope have to open a lot of boxes just to buff, and we got to open another one just to spoil, that's alot of box, sometimes i logout just becse i get tired to play in many boxes.
  5. GoDBlesS


    ok look for it because ghost hunter got too many skills who use slot buff. that make it a thras, skills who use slot buff blinding blow evasion death focus and more 1 who i dont remenber the name that its more or less 5 buffs so give attention to it please
  6. GoDBlesS


    I'm recently joined server, but what i saw in daggers is so wrong. Mortal strike use slot buff Skill blinding blow use slot to And focus death And counter attack Só thats debuff me. Do u guys think that right?
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