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  1. Champion and Siren would be great for a start, cat and pony will only benefit the Archer PT , imagine 7 archers and 2 bps, that pt with a good MA will kill everyone. I didn't vote thought cause there is no such option.
  2. Its just a useless zone, there is no need to go there since the struggle to PvP in there in order to farm is much greater than the worth of the farm, better go giants or EF 1 or IT 5
  3. True. Final outcome, you said it yourself ?
  4. Rick

    PvE RB

    Do you guys like that PvE feature that happens at raids? Nobody flags, gameplay is like - bring full pt there with 8 archers 1 cat and take dmg,or a pre frenzy party to take dmg from everyone.If there is no war there there wont be PvP, nobody will flag unless he is 10000% sure that he will take the fight-like 3 pts vs 1... Other thing is that our chat is spamming our balls sayig "you have looting rights" but at the end nobody can pick, especialy at crown bosses, i have never picked a crown instantly although i had the dmg, even when my party was they only one there killing the boss,
  5. Most of the post here which support the limited clan/alliance nunbers are from the current losing side. I vote NO in decreasing the clan/alliance numbers and the reason to that is - 1. Even without alliance crest the most populated side will still play together with different crests and because of that the will be in a bigger disadvantage because they will debuff each other in mass fights. 2. Who is this guy who first brought the trend of multiple sides in lineage 2 world? Find him and kill him ? L2 is a team versus team game, it is built that way...the bigger the team the more
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