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  1. Good morning, My suggestions overall the server and not just clan/alliances 1) Disable alliances. Maximum Capacity per Clan 45 - 54 people (5-6 pts). 2) Enable Chaotic zones in all Epics and all major RBs (Von Hellman, Gara, Mos, Horuth etc). 3) Remove renewal from buffer OR add all relevant buffs ( Pony, Cat, Elemental etc). 4) Enable and fix again Song of silence, is part of the game play as well. 5) Add another feature in server as HAPPY HOUR 2-3 times per week, like double exp for everyone in a zone ( Catacombs so lilith/anakim will spawn as well an
  2. Hello, 20 minutes ago I donated an amount of money through my paypal account but I didn't receive anything yet. Is there any gm on to assist me with this issue?
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