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  1. There is a problem pvping with dreadnoughts. The thing is that you have low damage but low p/m def, too, even though with good gear.I won't describe the problem that you do to vampires inside Elven Ruins with 50 damage per hit(not even tanks do so low). My point is to raise one or another or just raise it via pvp def or something like that.I won't say for damage cause it's not that bad if you play right with stuns (i want to notify here that stun stomp is useless cause it doesn't catch stun at all(don't remember the exact name,it's just the green icon).The thing is that you got with Saint Spea
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    There is a problem with summoners, too. You need to have one macro to target you and feline instantly.At least 2 lines should be good i think. I actually understand the main problem of bots.But just saying it needs one solution.
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    I don't want to open new post about summoners so i just add here the post. There is a major problem with summoners.When you are at low rate etc you don't expect to be able to have buffed summoner or to have 1 sec re-time.But here, on pvp, you can't have re-use time of feline king more than minute.For god's shake. I am pvping with summoner and the problem is that when the summ dies, i am expected to be dead without possibilities of doing something, even if i hide myself and won't use SOE, i won't be able to stay alive or make it through a situation otherwise. I don't know who thought of unbuffe
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