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  1. TCO 4/5 pts WB 4/5 pts QB 4/5 pts SPQR 4 pts max Exilium 4/5 pts Put limit at 45 or 50 if you want to include bots thats my recommendation, but I guess its up to other clan leaders too
  2. Recruitment is now closed, can a GM close the topic? Good luck to everyone on the server ?
  3. 1) I agree EF farm is kind of bad 2) I agree everyone should have teleport for epics, not a premium thing 3) dont agree with 2 crown rbs, they respawn every 4 hours already and they should be good PvP for them, too many raids and theyll lose importante too quickly 4) I think epics should have two teleports, not 4, and they need to be a bit far from the raid. Not too close. For example you can do toi 12 for baium, outside nest for AQ, outside sea of spores for orfen, 1 at antharas bridge and 1 at the cove before the heart. Multi sided servers have endless pvp at those raids cause pe
  4. I love l2gold servers, the community is the problem most of the times ?
  5. Answer is there are three types of people: People who are l2gold players and love it People who never played l2gold and hate it when they try People who neve played l2gold and become l2gold players cause they love it ?
  6. Hello everyone, I hope everyone is as excited as me for what I am sure will be a great lineage 2 gold project. For those of you that don't know who QuantiumBase was we were an international clan that dominated several servers with our aggresive yet extremely organized style. Here follows a video gallery of fraps from our clan, if you would like to see more: https://www.youtube.com/user/n0wFTW/videos https://www.youtube.com/user/QuantiumBaseOfficial/videos https://www.youtube.com/user/QuantiumBaseGaming/videos The essence of the story is our last server was l
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