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  1. Any know the TvT times? Please tell me
  2. No alliance please @Trance It would make people have to make a decision and chance to make more sides.
  3. @Trance go talk with the clan leaders on discord or ts or something. This will be just spam. I just say that the server dies like this. 8+ party's on a l2gold server. While competition is like half the numbers. During this time the zerg farms epics and get advantages, fair?.. also I don't see the fun of it. Best would be 3 pt max and have more sides. Ps: Trance, u should react fast.
  4. Nice pvp on the server, gf to all. Hope we can pvp each other with as many sides as possible for a long period. I enjoyed your video.
  5. Hello, Is it possible to mix up the places /location of the TvT. Because coliseum looks boring after a few times and Archer has a huge advantage. Maybe you can add zones to TvT in? Like a part of Cruma tower for example. Also A grade max +3 enchant would be nice. And can you tell us when these TvT starts? Since I miss them a lot at the moment. Maybe add a time schedule for activities. Like TvT, HR event etc.
  6. How come, I can't send messages to people? It's says I can send 0 messages per day.. quite annoying.
  7. Yamamoto

    summoners 2

    Yes, would be nice.
  8. Hello Everyone, I played on many L2Gold server before, so will i also give this server a chance. My timezone is gmt+1 and i have discord + headset with working microphone. The classes i like to play are: Archer, SpH, SpS or dagger class. But i am also open to play support classes, such as: SwS, Cov, cat or pony. Reply here or text me on this forum.
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