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  2. - Removed crafting recipes from the game. - Added S-Grade Special Abilities to Mantra Manager. - Moved C/B Grade Special Abilities from Mantra Manager to Weapon Shop with Adena. - Magic Skills' land rate now takes Magic Attack/Magic Defense into consideration. - Removed the castle tax from the game. - Disabled random monster spawns to avoid mobs going into the texture. - Changed Vesper Shooter's stats: Lower P. Atk and Range, +30% Attack Speed and Critical Rate.
  3. - Reset Rebirth skills now costs 10 Event Medals. - Disabled ON/OFF experience gain feature. - Implemented Delevel Manager Jeadin. - Updated the rules of calculating points at the Olympiad Manager. - Fixed receiving another Hero weapon while you already have one. - Fixed Hero's Cloak pDef/mDef bug. - Fixed a minor bug with the Daily Missions.
  4. - Enabled falling damage. - Disabled raid boss/giant per-kill clan reputation. - Implemented Clan Rep Box - dropable at giants/raid bosses. Higher chance for Lilith/Anakim and 100% for grand bosses. - Added starting buffs at character creation. - Improved the click delays when you click too fast on NPC's dialog, Community Board, etc. - Fixed clan sometimes not updating when member privileges change. - Fixed a minor bug for class change unequip. - Fixed to finish attack action and then cast skills. - Fixed skills not been casted in instances. - Fixed inability to dispel some s
  5. A recap with the changes made at the end of Season 2 in May: - Big Geodata and movement improvements. - Fixed players from attacking before the Olympiad countdown ends. - Fixed follow/attack path for both players and pets. - Fixed getting stuck while hitting from a balcony while the target was running away. - Implemented Vote Manager Groot. - Implemented Event Engine. - Added PvP Rune as reward for any PvP. - Added "Find PvP" option at the Gatekeeper Belladonna. - Increased max buffs count from 15 to 16. - Added Gift of Seraphim, Bless of Queen, Gift of Queen, Siren and Cha
  6. Community, A new season will be announced after the summer. The server will stay offline until then. Thank you.
  7. Elven Ruins - Belladonna: Now you teleport straight inside. - Removed the gatekeeper which was teleporting you outside. Kamaloka 78/83 - Reduced instance time to 20 minutes. - Moved the blessed enchant scrolls drop from the first room to the final boss.
  8. Just reconsider to increase the amount of buffs!!!Fighters have a big problem with the number of buffs.I created Titan and i must take guidance and inspiration because mobs always evade at the same level.But if i do that then i debuff myself with my own buffs.Doesn't make any sense.First things fisrt.Personally i don't mind to use multiple boxes for buffs.
  9. - Enchant: Max Weapon +20. - Increased the required number of participants for the olympiad games from 5 to 10. Classic default. - Restricted Rebirth Health & Rebirth Mana inside the olympiad. - Restricted from using any prophecy type inside the olympiad. The prophecies will be available at the Oly Npc Buffer for that class. - Restored prophecies' mp consume back to retail. - Enabled back the Heavy/Light mastery bonuses as per the description. - Slightly decreased all classes' Evasion. - Slightly decreased Punch of Doom's power. - Increased Triple Sonic Slash's power. - D
  10. - Only one arena for the Olympiad. - Hero Weapons +13. - Unlocked Refining up to Apella 100%. - Added Vesper to Refining. - Increased grand bosses' chance for L2G weapons from 20 to 30%. Elven Ruins - You no longer see enemey's pet title. - You no longer need to use CTRL for clan/ally members. Kamaloka 78/83: - Party is required. Npc Mathias is spawned in Aden Town. - First Room: 78: Blessed Enchant 20% chance per mob. / 83: Blessed Enchant 40% chance per mob. - Second Room: Normal giant drop per mob on both instances. - Miniboss: Special giant drop on both instances.
  11. Hello! I wanna report a problem about private store (BUY) and it happens twice. I put a ring on to buy TT +8 50% . Next day that i had bought is TT+0 . I lose the money for TT+0 50% and i try again and the same again TT+0.
  12. PvPman


    hello there.I am new to server and i am really happy to play at Gold style server again.The only problem is the buffs and specific the amount of buffs that is allowed to take.I am playing with dagger and although i am using specific (don't use accuracy or berz) buffs i see that i have debuff issues.I am not even take Cat or resist buffs from Pof or Aqua guard.If i use mirage,dush and ue and use mortal blow then the debuff is for sure.Pleaze fix it because it is a little bit unfair.I am considering of play tyrrant also but with this number of allowed buffs i cannot think what should i NOT take.
  13. - Increased the required number of participants for the olympiad games from 3 to 5. - Decreased Aggression Aura's reuse delay. - Reworked Aggression Aura & Provoke: No longer locks a target. Target chance: 60%. Aggro chance: 30%. - Set Elven Ruins as a Death Match zone. You can't see players' race, name and title. All weapons look like +16 and you can't party/trade anyone. - You get a PvP Rune item for each PvP kill while in Elven Ruins. PvP Runes are not tradeable and they'll be needed for Vesper.
  14. - Corrected Heroes' 3-day grand boss jewelry's description. Increased the price for Valakas, Queen Ant and Baium. - Implemented Apella 75% (7-Days). - Implemented Vesper Armors. - Removed Baium's door. - Implemented Kamaloka. - Restored macros back to default. - Updated grand bosses' time: https://www.lineage2.gold/wiki-general - Scheduled Squash event: https://www.lineage2.gold/wiki-general - Decreased subclass raid bosses' respawn time from 24 to 12 hours: https://www.lineage2.gold/wiki-general
  15. Hi Community, Apella 100% will be available for refining after Monday. The mats for Apella 100% will remain the same. Once Apella 100% is available - we'll announce Vesper. Vesper mats will be drop-able in Kamaloka only and you'll also need PvP Runes. More info about Vesper and its required items next week. Once Vesper Armors are available - we'll implement Vesper Jewels, Sigil, Shield and Weapons (upgradeable from the current top items). Vesper Jewels, Sigil, Shield and Weapons will have a different system of farming - perhaps thru PvP only. Cheers!
  16. - Increased Blessed Enchant scrolls' chance from 2% to 3% for Vampire Warrior (Elven Ruins). - Increased Enria's chance from 4 to 6% for Vampire Warlord (Elven Ruins). - Removed CC raid loot privilege. - Fixed summon's attack/stop bug.
  17. Ahh shiet. Drama is still on, YTP still holding his dead horse, and trying to be tough S/O/B but eventually he end up be another wanna be Leader (pro shotcaller), Dude if you are that good, then prove it, WIN server, and not quit after couple of clans who only play Archers, 69 you cuz they was out numbered Clan vs Clan. All they was trying to do is to get more fun, and more content of that 1sided epic's CUZ you/CBS/ and others is cry babies crying to other CL (Log on epic's help me win). #NotMainCP 2k21
  18. - Hero Weapons +12 available at the NPC. - Heroes' 3-day grand boss jewelry are enchantable. - Decreased P. Evasion on all classes by 2. - Increased Shield of Reflect's skill reflection by 5%. - Increased Blessed Enchant scrolls' chance from 1.5 to 2% for Vampire Warrior (Elven Ruins). - Unlocked refining for Apella 75%. - Edited Zaken's map inside the ship to remove the boxes between the rooms && to extend the bridge. Full check the updater! - Movement/GeoEngine rework part one. - Slightly increased Destroyer's PvP damage with sword.
  19. Ah randoms like me..you take lineage 2 too seriously bro,you really need to grow up i will agree with trance on this one. So all “your” side left after you let them and you keep on talking about CBS,who is noone in 9v9 and you know it,same as he is in leading a clan..and the fact that two sides focused on you sometimes,what do you expect when you outgear as and you are also abusing the castle bug? Let you run around like cute butterflies? Of course i’ll focus you “pro” shit caller have fun in authentic
  20. 9lam


    Titans usually didn't get battle roar as second HP skill. It should replace the bless the body buff. P atk should be high during frenzy and zealot should be more than 30 sec (1 min if I am not wrong) Titan isn't able to kill a bishop as he hits only 2k crit max with HD+9 but archer has more chances to kill as he crits more But this server sucks on balance ... soon everyone will play grand khavatari and daggers in EF Thanks for replying @Trance
  21. - Changed Olympiad competition period to take place from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. (1 hour). - Fixed Resurrection should not work at all during a siege. - Fixed the skills that are supposed to work on ally members during a siege. - Fixed an issue loading some of the chatbans/bans/jails on server start/restart. If there are some jails/bans that were removed in the meantime and you're still banned/jailed, please contact us. LOL
  22. Trance

    Goodbye clowns

    You can't even challenge a person. Those repeated premature arguments make me puke. You will grow up one day and remember how dumb you were. Grab a beer for me when that happens.
  23. When are you gonna learn to code on l2off files (C++) and stop using this garbage java pack where nothing works properly ? Nigga you added missing debuff resist on prophecies, but you forgot to mention that debuff resist doesn't even matter kekw
  24. Nate


    You keep nerfing skill power of titans which is fine cause they were actually hitting pretty hard. But atleast increase their AUTO-ATTACK, they miss a lot anyway so it would be balanced. Make titans the class they should be. A DESTROYER for 60 sec , thats the feeling of the class.
  25. What ? I don't care about what randoms like you think or say. Facts are facts. I won every epic I shot called for except for the valakas dickhold 6vs15 parties. CBS is playing MA and it's really hard to call properly and if he doesn't do it himself, then there's no other shot caller in the side. I doubt l2gold community has any strong shot callers in the first place. I came back for 2nd Valakas and the following QA and still stomped everyone despite both clans going out of their way to focus us 1st. I told them I won't play any more so I don't see why this side keeps playing this server.
  26. Trance

    Goodbye clowns

    When will this YTP guy stop embarrassing himself.
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